Dredge: Where to Find Aurora Jellyfish

The Research Assistant quest in Dredge is initiated by talking to a researcher at the Old Bastion in the Stellar Basin, and players must complete at least the first half. The first half task is to collect three aquatic creatures, one of which is the aurora jellyfish. While it’s certainly not the rarest creature in the game, Dredge’s Aurora jellyfish can be a bit elusive, and this guide aims to help players find it.

Unblock: Aurora jellyfish location

The first step in catching Aurora jellyfish in the Dredge is to obtain a trawl net capable of catching coastal creatures. This can be a basic or improved trawl, and fans of fishing video games can purchase equipment from a shipyard. Once the net is purchased and equipped, players should make sure they are inside the Stellar Basin and wait for nightfall.

When the fog hits, players simply select Trawl from the radial menu, unfurl their gear, and sail around the stellar basin, taking care to avoid the horrors at the center of the area. After navigating this location for a short while, fans of the indie open-world game should find that an aurora jellyfish has entered their net, and a notification will appear indicating that a new species has been added to the encyclopedia. Players are then free to return to the Fellows of the Old Bastion and surrender their catch.

dredge  aurora  jellyfish  location Regarding what happens when the Aurora jellyfish and two other required mobs are provided to the researcher, she will instruct the player to obtain some prototype parts from a nearby research station. These parts will be used to create a sampling device that will allow fans of Lovecraft’s video games to fish in the deep sea, as well as a repulsor that will connect to the research outpost’s generators. Once the device is connected, the player is temporarily free to enter the center of the Stellar Basin, where the Relic can be found.

During this part of the game, fans can also enter the second part of the research assistant’s pursuit, which requires them to find four other sea creatures. Dredge’s Stoplight Loosejaw is the fish of the batch that is likely to cause the player the most trouble, as it doesn’t appear in many places. That said, fans are advised to make an effort to keep track of it, as they’ll be rewarded with a bonus book upon fully completing Pursuit.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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