Dredge: Lost Dog Pursuit Walkthrough

Lost Dog is a Pursuit in Dredge that players can activate by interacting with stray dogs on the east side of F2 Island. At the center of this Pursuit is finding a home for the canine, and while fans aren’t required to complete this task, it pays off. For those who want to learn more about the reward and how to get it, this complete Dredge’s Lost Dog Pursuit walkthrough is here to help.

Unclog: Stray Dog Mission Walkthrough

After finding the dog on the east side of F2, the player must earn its trust by choosing a series of dialogue options. While there may be several series of choices to achieve the goal at hand, here’s one that’s proven to work and fans of indie open world games should take the dogs on board once they’re done with it :

Throw some fish at the dog. Get closer. Call the dog. Get some fish out of your hands. Pat the dog. (x2) leave. With the stray dog on board, players must now focus on finding a home for it. Luckily, Lovecraftian video game fans committed to this step won’t have to go very far, as the researchers of the old fortress in D5 are happy to have a canine for company. In fact, to complete Lost Dog Pursuit, all the player has to do is navigate to that location, carefully avoiding all obstacles, and select the “this dog needs a home” dialogue option when talking to the researcher.

dredge  stray  dog  quest Regarding what players get when they solve the stray dog quest in Dredge, the reward is a sapphire ring that can be sold to a Trader in Little Marrow. While it might not be the most exciting prize, fishing video game enthusiasts who are working on upgrading their boats and buying new equipment shouldn’t miss out on this chance to make some quick bucks.

It should be noted that the pursuit of stray dogs is of course not the only mission the researchers are involved in. In fact, players who want to progress through the game will need to complete at least the first half of her Research Assistant Pursuit, a quest that centers around capturing creatures like Dredge’s Aurora jellyfish. Fans are also advised to complete the second half of this quest, as it rewards a book that provides nice rewards after reading it.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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