Dredge: How to Farm Research Parts Fast

Research parts play a very important role in Dredge as they are used to unlock new and powerful equipment. While it’s certainly possible to complete the game without unlocking all of the equipment, researching all of the rods, nets, pots, and engines earns the achievement. For those players who wish to earn the Dredge achievement but lack the research parts, this guide details a farming method that can be used to earn these achievements quickly.

Before diving into the Research Part farm, it’s worth mentioning that Dredge players can obtain these important items from dig points that appear on the map. As such, fans are advised to get in the habit of checking every dredge point they come across, as this should minimize the amount of time they need to farm exclusively for research parts.

Dredging: research part of the farm

Research Parts have a chance to appear under the Miscellaneous tab at the Traveling Merchant Shipyard, which is actually an infinite source of this item. Players who want to collect this resource just need to follow the steps below as it is a great way to accumulate research parts quickly and in large quantities :

Dock at any pontoon. Select Shipyard and navigate to the Miscellaneous tab. If there is a research section available, please purchase it. Close the shipyard, go to the pause menu, and select “Save and Exit” at the bottom. Press Continue on the main menu and repeat steps 2 through 5.dredge  travelling  research  part  farm Note that fishing video game enthusiasts who want to amass a large amount of research parts using this method will need to have a decent amount of cash on hand. Luckily, making money in Dredge isn’t particularly difficult, and players who just spend a little time fishing, maintaining crab pots, and deploying net sailing should be able to fund their research portion of farming without too much trouble.

It’s also worth mentioning that fans shouldn’t be too surprised if they go through these steps multiple times and don’t see the Research Part in Pontoon’s Shipyard. In fact, there’s no guarantee parts will be in stock, and players are probably all too familiar with the process of exiting the main menu and reloading the game when all is said and done. While the process can get tedious, the Dredge achievement up for grabs may motivate players to see it through.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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