Dredge: How to Farm Lumber, Metal Scraps, and Cloth Fast

Wood, Metal Scrap, and Cloth Bolts are very important items in Dredge, and players will need to acquire them in large quantities if they wish to fully upgrade their ships. While fans will no doubt come across these upgrade materials by exploring the map, there’s a trick that can be used to grow them indefinitely from one location. This guide details the trick here, and it allows players to quickly amass large amounts of Wood, Metal Scrap, and Cloth in the Dredge.

Dredging: Upgrading Parts Farms

Players interested in farming upgrade materials should look to Steel Point north of Greater and Little Marrow. Just north of the pier at this location, the player will find three digging spots that yield two pieces of wood, four pieces of scrap metal, and two pieces of cloth. These dredging locations have been marked in the image below for clarity, and fishing game enthusiasts should clear out any locations that contain the upgrade parts they need.

After running out of dig points of interest, players should dock at any dock, go to the pause menu, and select “Save and Exit” at the bottom of the screen. Once at the main menu, fans can simply select Continue to return to the game and they’ll find all of the Steel Point dig sites repopulated. In fact, digging players can now do another round of digging, go through the reloading process again, and repeat the steps until they get a sufficient amount of wood, scrap metal, and cloth.

2 Image dredge  steel  point  map dredge  upgrade  material  dredge  spots Close Please note that completing the “Resting Place” quest and then talking to the Builder at Steel Point will allow players to access their storage from the Steel Point Dock. While it’s entirely possible for fans to use this farming trick without gaining access, it’s very useful to have a nearby place to unload the material. Additionally, players will receive a book after talking to the Builder at their new home in Steel Point, providing even more motivation to tackle Pursuit in the Dredge.

One last thing to mention is that the reload process that is at the heart of this trick can also be used to quickly farm research parts in Dredge. For the uninitiated, these parts are used to research new equipment, making them available for purchase. However, fans will need quite a bit of money to farm research parts with the save and quit method, which is certainly not the case when farming wood, metal scrap, and cloth.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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