Dredge: Best Engine Setup

There are several engines in Dredge, many of which work very well. That said, some players will want to be sure their ships come with the absolute best engine setup, and they should consider both configurations. This guide provides details on both of these configurations here and will help fans in their efforts to achieve the optimal engine setup in Dredge.

Dredging: optimal engine settings

dredge  best  engine  setup There is a strong case that the best engine setup in Dredge is simply filling every slot with a Jet Drive Engine, a 1×1 engine located in the upper right corner of the Engine Research tree. While it’s true that this isn’t the absolute fastest configuration in the game, it can be considered the best for a few reasons, as shown below :


The biggest reason for choosing a jet drive engine based setup is that it is more resistant to damage than a configuration using a larger engine. In fact, it’s better to lose power to a single jet than to lose power to an entire engine if the crash happens to damage the engine slot. While this probably has nothing to do with Dredge players who never take damage, it does become more difficult to avoid bumps later in the game.

Another appeal of the scalability

jet drive engines is that their small size makes them easy to install no matter how many engine space upgrades a player has made. This means players can start installing jet engines on their ships as soon as they’re done researching them, and then keep adding more as they work their way towards Dredge’s ending.

research part

Finally, focusing on Jet Drive Engines allows players to essentially ignore the engines on the other side of the research tree, freeing up quite a few Research Parts to unlock other equipment. While fans with deep pockets can farm unlimited Research Parts in the Dredge, players who are barely making do may be happy to save some of these important research items.

dredge  best  engine  setup In summary, players who just want the fastest engines in their dredgers should strive to install an engine stack, a six-slot engine located at the bottom right of the research tree, and four jet drive engines. This configuration Delivering +105.2 kn versus just +95 kn with 10 jet-driven engines, fans who crave speed above all else will surely be pleased with it.

Dredge is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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