Disney Dreamlight Valley Unlocks Second Community Challenge Reward

Disney Dreamers players have successfully completed another phase of the Disney Dreamers Community Challenge and unlocked some free items. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cozy game about helping Disney and Pixar characters, feeding the adorable critters their favorite foods, and recreating a beautiful valley to share with them all. While living their own lives, players are able to socialize, cook a variety of recipes, and craft tons of furniture that they can then place to decorate their home and valley.

Gamers gain access to themed, time-limited items that are exclusive to players who collect Star Tokens. When the Pride of the Valley update was released, new star trails were added to the game as well. By progressing through the Disneyland-themed Star Path, players can unlock items they would normally see in real-life Disneyland amusement parks.

To motivate fans to lift their spirits and celebrate the release of the new star track, Gameloft announced the Disneyland Community Challenge, challenging players to place as many Disneyland items of a certain type as possible to unlock free bundles. In just a few days, fans Successfully completed Phase 1 of the Disney Dreams Community Challenge. And now, after placing a total of 400,000 gardens in their valley, they’ve managed to earn the Greenest Park achievement and will be rewarded with flower packs.

Counting quest completions, players can only drop the Dreamlight Fictional Trimmer and Jubilant Trimmer items, which they’ve done nearly half a million times. Anyone who owns the game now has until October 18, 2023 to claim this reward by visiting their in-game mailbox. Players should receive 10 Blue Fallen Penstemons, 10 Pink Fallen Penstemons, 10 Red Fallen Penstemons, 10 Purple Fallen Penstemons, and 10 Dandelions.

So far, two out of five achievements have been unlocked, but the challenge will last until May 31. Players seem to be particularly excited about unlocking the Crafted Road and Fencing Pack, as many have reported that they have placed dozens of trash cans in their valleys to try and reach the amount needed to unlock it, which is a total of 350,000 trash cans – of course it is A large amount. The community is resilient and committed to completing all available challenges and earning free Disney Dreaming Valley items.

Disney’s Valley of Lights is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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