Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals New Character

As many gamers have speculated after seeing the recently released trailer, Cinderella’s fairy godmother will join the roster of characters in the Disney Dream Valley of Lights. Disney’s Valley of Lights launched in Early Access back in September 2022, and while it’s not quite there yet, it’s already getting a slew of major storyline and content updates in preparation for its official launch. 2023 has been a particularly busy year so far for Disney Dreamers players, with a fifth update soon to be released and adding even more features for fans to enjoy.

Ever since the Disney Dreams roadmap was announced in January, players have been speculating about what will happen to the game. February’s Friendship Festival and April’s Valley Pride updates didn’t disappoint; they added new infamous and fan-favorite characters like Olaf and Simba, and brought tons of recipes for players to play in Cook in their kitchen. Update 5 is right around the corner, which means players can start organizing their valleys and make new homes for new arrivals.

A while ago, the Disney Dreaming Valley Twitter account shared an image of a handcrafted bench that will be added to the game once the new update goes live. The image contains hints that the Fairy Godmother will be added as a new Disney Dream of Lights character. Fans seem to be right; a recent tweet confirmed that the Fairy Godmother will be the valley’s newest resident.

The promotional image in the tweet suggests that Update 5 will actually be called The Remembering, and it will be the biggest story update the game has received to date. There are plenty of daily activities in Disney’s Valley of Dreams, but there’s also quite a bit of story to unravel as players progress through the game.

Disney Fantastic Valley fans will likely need to clear their schedules once The Remembering hits theaters in early June, as it appears to be packed with new content. Not only will they be able to discover more of the darkness around the valley, but they will also be able to create their own furniture designs via the upcoming Touch of Magic tool, place more player homes in their valley, and even use the new mannequin item to wear clothes designed by them.

Disney’s Valley of Lights is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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