Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Shows Off Their Incredible Chest Luck

Against all odds, one player managed to find the perfect location for daily chest spawns in Disney’s Valley of Lights. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cozy game with an in-game clock that syncs with real life time. Games that incorporate this mechanic provide players with a more realistic sense of immersion and motivate them to play one day at a time. So instead of spending hours on end completing a certain task, players can change tasks and return the next day to continue their progress.

In games like Disney’s Lightning Valley, players tend to do chores every day after the day resets. This happens because some tasks are time-based and can only be executed once a day. Every day in Disney Fantasy Valley, players should take a moment to have daily discussions with other villagers, give them favorite gifts, feed critters their favorite foods, and find them in Scrooge McDuck’s shop New items, in Wall-E’s Garden, open daily chests.

Reddit user Dapper_Examination36 got lucky when logging into their game, as they found three chests next to each other. In the game, players can find : yellow, blue and green chests of three chest types. Blue and green chests spawn in random locations each day, but yellow chests do not. Yellow Chests will appear randomly; it will only happen when the player clears Nightbriar and is lucky enough to generate a pile of coins around them, which they must then collect before the music stops and the time runs out. If they finish this mini-game on time, a yellow chest will appear nearby. They will reward players with stars.

u/Dapper_Examination36 Chest Trifecta in Dreamlight Valley As players progress through the game and unlock more biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they will have access to more areas on the map, making it harder to find the daily chest spawn . What happened to the original poster is impressive, and certainly saved them from having to hunt for these treasures in the valley.

Players unfamiliar with these daily respawns should definitely start exploring their valleys each day to find them. Green Chests will give the player a free piece of furniture or clothing or some coins. The Blue Chest is especially valuable because, other than completing the Starwalk, it’s the only valid way to earn Moonstones, one of the available in-game currencies, in Disney’s Valley of Dreams without spending real life in-game money in.

Disney’s Valley of Lights is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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