Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Recreates Iconic Britney Spears Outfit

Disney Fantasy Valley players are showing their love for Britney Spears by recreating one of the pop star’s iconic outfits. Many gamers have been enjoying the customization options available to games. A Disney Dreams player made a Disney princess style dress for their game. Arguably, being able to create custom outfits and looks is a huge part of adding to the fun gaming experience.

The game continues to add new content as Disney Fantasy Valley’s latest patch takes pride of place in the valley. New characters and outfits are introduced regularly, keeping the title feeling fresh and updated. Adding new items, the game becomes more customizable, allowing gamers to conceptualize and implement many of their ideas in-game. Some fans have even started recreating iconic outfits based on pop culture icons.

In a post by Reddit user hopefulJDLLL, they paid homage to pop icon Britney Spears by recreating the outfit worn by Disney’s Lightning Valley hit “.Baby One More Time.” While the game isn’t entirely accurate, they say it’s as close as they can get based on the available content. From the scrunchie to the color of the garment to the look of the skirt and socks, the only thing that is inaccurate is the tie-up shirt, which is not an option. Even the hairstyle seems to match, since the user chose braids.

disney-britney disney-britney-2 The comments are very positive, and the nostalgic shape has brought many fans back to the 90s in the comments. Some even wished they could share the outfit. Unfortunately, while Disney Lights does a better job than the similarly themed Animal Crossing, there are still some improvements the game could use, such as the aforementioned gear-sharing option.

Unfortunately, since the games work in a similar way, that means Disney’s Lighthouse also has some of the same issues that plagued Animal Crossing, such as time travel issues. However, some people like the graphic presentation of Disney Dreaming Valley of Lights, as it has a more human-like look than the Nintendo game’s cartoony look. This visual choice allows the player to more accurately recreate themselves in the game, making the experience a more personal one. Additionally, the interaction with various Disney-licensed characters creates a sense of familiarity that players can cling to and allow them to better role-play within the game. If the developers can find a way to share content with other players and solve the current problems, then Disney Dream Valley can provide a more immersive experience than other games of the same type.

Disney’s Valley of Lights is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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