Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Hover

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a story-based adventure and life simulation game featuring many familiar Disney and Pixar characters. Players find themselves in an abandoned village that has been taken over by black magic, and it is up to them to restore the village into a thriving community.

The Vale has many realms and explorable areas, called biomes, where players can find resources, ingredients, and more while completing story and friendship quests. While there is a fast travel mechanic between biomes, the Pride of the Valley update introduces a new feature called hovering that allows players to sprint to travel faster. This guide contains everything players need to know to hover in Disney’s Valley of Lights.

How to Hover and Dash in Disney’s Valley of Lights

Disney  Dreamlight  Valley  hover If the player wants to use the hover skill, they need to have the food bonus. This means they will have to fill up their energy meter and keep increasing it beyond the maximum amount. The meter has a blue bar, but it turns yellow and glows as soon as the well fed is activated. The best way for players to fill up their energy meter is to fast travel around their house and it will fill up automatically. They can also eat raw fruits and vegetables, or rest on benches and chairs to recover.

In order to get full, players must feed their characters cooked meals when the energy meter is full. They can cook on any stove in the valley as long as they have the ingredients and coal. The more stars a meal has, the more energy it will replenish when eating. Players can check the star rating through the recipe book.

Disney  Dreamlight  Valley  Cooking All cooked food is automatically sent to the player’s inventory and can be picked up at any time. After eating cooked food, fill the energy meter with yellow all the way, and now you can hover outside freely. To hover over the PC, hold down the Shift key while moving forward. Alternatively, Switch and Xbox players must hold down the “B” key while moving to activate the hover function.

Hovering drains energy relatively quickly, so if players want to use the ability a lot, they’ll want to place multiple cooked dishes on it. They can also increase the size of their energy meter to increase their character level by completing friendship tasks such as daily discussions, bringing favorite gifts, hanging out with villagers, or delivering food at Remy’s restaurant.

The satiation bonus not only affects hovering, but also increases the player’s luck in Disney Fantasy Valley after the Pride of the Valley update. This means that activities such as mining, fishing, harvesting and digging are more likely to produce more or higher quality resources.

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