Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Free Twitch Drop Items

Twitch Drops has been a part of the gaming community for a while, and now it looks like Disney Fantasy Valley will be on board too. It’s a great way for community creators to promote their content and the games they love to stream, as well as a unique way to provide fan service and offer free, exclusive rewards.

Disney’s Valley of the Lights will be hosting its own Twitch Drop event to celebrate the highly anticipated Pride of the Valley update. This article guides players on how to participate in the Twitch Drop event and get free Disney Dreams items.

How to Participate in the Disney Dreams Twitch Drop

rewards  for  ddv  participation On April 5th, the Disney Fantasy Valley of Lights update will be released, giving players access to a ton of new content and unlocking a ton of new items – and that’s not all. In addition to the new update, gamers can also unlock four new items by participating in the Twitch Drop event, which runs from April 5th to April 12th.

In order to receive Disney Dreams Twitch Drop items, players must go to the Twitch Drops page on the official DDV website and link their Twitch account to their Disney Dreams account. They must then watch a stream from one of the following content creators :

AbdallahSmash DaniDawnstar DrGluon Eeowna Gab Smolders Gnu Iron_Seagull Lady_Brittany Lilsimsie MichelleTanina MizunoSakura NinFanGirl omg_juni Risshella SpringSims TheMavShow UKSimmer Ultia Vixella Players can watch a variety of eligible Streamers and their progress will continue to add up. This is the reward players will get based on how long they watch the live stream :


total time

Gamer Mickey Ears Headband

15 minutes

gaming chair

45 minutes

gamer laptop

90 minutes

Comfortable Gamer Hoodie

150 minutes

How to send Twitch drops to Disney Dreaming Valley

disney-dreamlight-valley-how-to-claim-founders-pack2 Once a player meets the requirements to unlock an item, it will appear in their Twitch Drops inventory and must be claimed on Twitch. Afterwards, players must enter the Disney Dream Valley and interact with the mailbox next to their home to receive it.

Disney’s Valley of Lights is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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