Diablo Game Survives House Fire

A devoted fan has posted an image of their Diablo game, which managed to survive a fire that destroyed the rest of the house. Even after the tragic event of losing their home, fans showed their humility with the headline : “When your house burns down but Diablo lives on.”.

After the record-breaking release of Diablo 4, 2023 will be an amazing year for Diablo fans. Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 4 is the fastest-selling game in their entire catalog, with over 93 million hours played since June 1st. That being said, the only game in the series to receive more praise from fans is Diablo 2, with many players claiming the second title in the series as their favorite game of all time.

Reddit user Schenscher posted a picture of their copy of Diablo 2 lying in the ruins of their former home. The reason why the house burned was not known to the public, but an additional image was released showing the extent of the aftermath. In the first image, other games can be seen in the background, but the most prominent title is the hell-based Diablo 2, an ironic discovery after such a tragic event.

A game that survives a house fire is a rare thing. Probably the most famous story about a video game franchise involved in similar events is that of John Lewis. With John Lewis’ collection of over 2000 games, the fire started in his kitchen and could not be stopped. The collection includes favorites from his childhood that would be nearly impossible to find today, such as Super Mario RPGs and Earthbound. The fire involved more than 2,000 games and more than 30 systems, and it’s unclear how much financial investment was lost in the incident.

Schenscher wasn’t the only player who found his childhood favorite game survived the fire. Reddit user CaseyWrong found similar results when their bedroom burned down, while their Xbox One survived the fire and is still running. The running theme between all these cases seems to be a sense of loss about what happened unfortunately in their home, but a sense of relief at the realization that their lives could go on. Taken together, the image of a demon smiling amidst the wreckage on the cover of Diablo 2 will forever be infamous.

Diablo 2 is now available on PC.

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