Diablo 4 Shows Off More Mounts

The team behind Diablo 4 has given a sneak peek at the upcoming action role-playing game. According to Blizzard, once a player unlocks a specific mount with a Diablo 4 character, it will be available to all characters as they travel through the desolate world of Sanctuary.

In a recent Diablo 4 blog post, the developer provided plenty of information about the highly anticipated game, including that players will only be able to unlock mounts after completing the main quest associated with it. The mount is then available to all of their avatars, regardless of level or game mode. Different mounts aren’t the only way to personalize travel : Players can also earn special armor and loot to adorn their horse’s side or saddle.

Now, the Diablo 4 Twitter account has posted a GIF flashing various mounts that players can look forward to getting. Although the images are passing by quickly, some clear screenshots reveal various unique designs, including a necromancer-inspired pale mount, a quasi-flaming warhorse, and one that looks very undead, so it fits well with Diablo. God of destruction brand. These designs are sure to help show off when the game launches in couch co-op on consoles.

While some might balk at the purely cosmetic announcement, it’s important to note that mount customization can actually improve performance. For example, adding a certain type of armor can reduce damage, while other enhancements might help a mount travel through the game world faster. That’s more good news on top of Diablo 4’s impressive public beta testing, the largest and most successful Diablo 4 test ever, garnering an overwhelmingly positive response from users, who said fighting and The atmosphere is a marked improvement over Diablo 3.

Fans are also eager to get their hands on the Diablo 4 Collector’s Box, which has been sent to select streamers and content creators and contains a diabolical electric candle and 300 pages of artwork. Now’s a great time to be a Diablo fan, and new mounts help seal the deal and help players on their adventures in the series’ first-ever interconnected open world.

While Diablo 4 fans who aren’t partying will rarely encounter other players when exploring outside of town, the game will likely be supported for years, so player numbers can be targeted towards those looking for a more social MMO experience. Adjustment. At least the refuge should actually be desolate – maybe the real reason for the fancy mounts is simply to give players some company along the way.

Diablo 4 launches June 6 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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