Diablo 4 Reveals How to Unlock Mounts

Diablo 4 has just revealed how players will unlock mounts in the upcoming action RPG. While this may take longer than players expect, players who acquire this fast travel option will receive the benefits of all other Diablo 4 characters.

Blizzard recently shared a large Diablo 4 developer blog called Play Your Way. The post contains a wealth of information about the highly anticipated game, including details on character builds and customizations, gear, and the minimum system requirements for Diablo 4 on PC.

Among the new information is a small section detailing the mounts in Diablo 4. Players unlock the ability to use mounts after completing the main questline with a character. After they complete the Diablo 4 story for the first time, they will unlock the ability to use the mount on all characters from then on, regardless of level.

During the record-breaking Diablo 4 beta, players noticed text in the stables saying the mount would be unlocked by advancing the campaign and completing a quest called Mount: Donan’s Favor. This could be a simple quest that players unlock after completing an event to unlock mounts for all characters. The details will become clear once players start completing the main questline after Diablo 4 enters Early Access on June 1.

Once players gain this feature in Diablo 4, they can further customize their mounts with different types of mounts, as well as special armor and loot to adorn the sides or saddles of their steeds. According to the Play Your Way blog, Diablo 4 will have dozens of trophies players can earn throughout the game. One such trophy, Ashava’s Cry, can be earned during Diablo 4’s upcoming server grand slam if players reach level 20 and defeat the eponymous world boss at least once.

Some players were upset that they had to beat Diablo 4 once to unlock the ability to use mounts. Diablo 4’s open world is massive, and walking through it for the first time can be slow, even with signposts. Diablo 4 also showcased mounts as a major feature of the game, so it may seem odd to some to have them locked after the campaign.

However, other fans felt that it would be better to experience Diablo 4 for the first time as a classic ARPG. Some half-jokingly suggested that, given what happened to the characters’ first mounts in the Diablo 4 opening cutscene, they should be stronger before being entrusted with new mounts. While it might take a little while, earning the mount in Diablo 4 will be a satisfying reward for beating the main questline.

Diablo 4 launches June 6 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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