Diablo 4 Dev Teases Release Window For Leaderboards

Diablo 4 is still missing an important feature from past Diablo games, and the developer has finally narrowed the release window in which players can expect to see leaderboards in the game. While Diablo IV was a very fun hack-and-slash game with a thrilling campaign, many fans felt that Diablo IV lacked quality-of-life features that prevented it from reaching its true potential. While the devs have shown a willingness to acquiesce to the list of community requests, the process does take a while, and common requests like gem bags or item fixes will only appear in Season 2, about five to six months before launch .

Player’s Day Roll Video Continues Content Lately, many players have complained about the rarity of super unique items in Diablo 4, especially after the Helltide event allowed Barbarian and Sorcerer characters to acquire these powerful items at generous drop rates. The enjoyment of Diablo IV’s intense combat is often hindered by game systems that are not conducive to the player, whether it’s a lack of convenience, whether intentional or not. Features that were taken for granted in a Diablo game were suspiciously missing, leading the community to feel that Diablo 4’s release was months ahead of schedule.

One of the key missing features that players have frequently asked about since launch is the leaderboards, which according to community lead Adam Fletcher, have a tentative release window for Diablo 4’s Season 3. The news was shared by 2finesse on the Diablo 4 subreddit, where players were upset that there were no leaderboards for the entirety of the first two seasons. Given that Diablo 3 focused on Greater Rifts as a measure of player skill level, it’s safe to assume that leaderboards in Diablo 4 will focus on Nightmare dungeons.

However, some cynical players pointed out an unfortunate reality of implementing leaderboards in Diablo 4 – the current state of class balance in the game. Adding leaderboards to Nightmare Dungeons will likely only further expose Diablo 4’s major problem with wizards, as their classes significantly lag behind other classes. Warlocks are forced to over-rely on defensive skills, and are even notorious for having redundant or incomplete paragon boards due to the way the glyph of winter works.

While Diablo 4 did have its issues, it was released in much better shape than its predecessor. Diablo 4’s storyline was well-received by Diablo fans, and the game’s art direction returned to the series’ dark roots. Still, while missing features will be added at some point in a Diablo 4 expansion or season, many players lament that these game systems never existed in the first place.

Diablo 4 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.