Diablo 4 Beta Progress Isn't Carrying Over

Diablo 4 players who participated in previous playtests will not be able to carry their progress into the upcoming May playtest. So if they want to get involved again and enjoy Diablo 4 a little bit more before the official release, they’ll need to recreate their characters from scratch.

Since the release of Diablo 4, fans have been eager to see if the new sequel will be the best game in the Diablo series. Therefore, the previous trials were full of people. So far, Blizzard has provided Diablo 4 players with two beta tests. The first one took place between March 17-19, and another one a week later between March 24-26. In both cases, gamers are able to experience some gameplay first-hand and help developers spot bugs and performance issues.

Now, Blizzard has revealed that players participating in the upcoming Diablo 4 beta event in May will need to create new characters. Players hoping to keep their progress will be disappointed as their current character and all rewards accumulated thus far will be removed. Additionally, characters created for the upcoming beta will suffer the same fate, being jettisoned before the official release.

diablo-4-treasure-beast The upcoming Diablo 4 playtest will be titled “Server Slam” and will aim to stress test the game’s servers before the official release to see how many players they can hold simultaneously. All bug fixes and changes made so far will be implemented in-game during a short event on May 12-14. Additionally, Blizzard has decided to allow players who reach the highest level to earn two titles and an exclusive cosmetic. Unfortunately, the max level is still 20, so people who played it before won’t have as much new content as they’d like.

More recently, Diablo 4 also detailed the endgame process leading up to the game’s release. When the game finally releases in June, players will have access to lengthy post-game content, including Capstone Dungeons, which will increase world levels and bring new rewards, as well as finding special aspects, or trying out the underground in Nightmare Mode city. Hopefully, this content will provide players with more challenges and higher-level rewards to keep them engaged for a long time in the upcoming live service game.

Diablo 4 launches June 6 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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