Diablo 4 Addresses Permadeath Rumors for Hardcore Characters in PvP

Blizzard confirms what happens to Diablo 4 Hardcore characters who die while participating in PvP. After the news that Diablo 4 was finally going gold, Blizzard was more open about what fans can expect at launch. Part of this is what the studio has learned and updated from its recent weekend beta testing, including balance changes to each class. One of the bigger tweaks is dungeons, which minimize backtracking and increase the chance of unique events happening.

Postgame is also a hot topic, as fans wonder how the game plans to keep players after the credits roll. Thankfully, Blizzard also seems to have post-game content for Diablo 4 in mind, announcing various features such as world events, apex dungeons, seasons, and more. For those looking for an added challenge, a hardcore difficulty mode is also returning, though it creates some additional issues, such as how it works with other Diablo 4 activities like PvP.

On Twitter, Blizzard’s Director of Global Community Development responded to a fan asking what would happen if a hardcore character died while participating in a Diablo 4 PvP event. Adam Fletcher responded and was quick to confirm that hardcore rules will continue to apply and permadeath will remain in effect. For those who may not know, when a character dies on Hardcore difficulty, they’re gone forever, with no way to start over at a checkpoint. Players need to start from scratch with a new character.

This acknowledgment seemed to surprise many Diablo 4 fans, especially those who thought there would be dedicated Haven-style PvP areas. However, quite a few people seem to be encouraged by the challenge, especially those who want to earn 10 PvP victories in the Hardcore Mode achievement. Others, in the accompanying Reddit thread, seem to agree that the tense nature and increased stakes can make for some exciting streaming content.

Comment from u/nftvaccine PvP Deaths on Hardcore from discussion Confirmed as Permadeath in Diablo Thankfully, fans can experience Hardcore mode again in May as Blizzard announces the third and final Diablo Divinity 4 beta testing. The beta, dubbed Server Slam, will be open on all platforms, as Blizzard aims to use the third beta as a way to stress-test the servers ahead of the game’s June release. It will contain all beta content, but this time players will only be able to level up to level 20 instead of 25. As expected, the characters won’t carry over to the retail version, so players will need to plan accordingly.

Diablo 4 launches June 6 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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