Destiny 2's Latest Raid Exotic Exemplifies Good Balancing

While Destiny 2 is no stranger to various balance issues, with each passing season introducing at least one new meta-destructive weapon, players seem to be very upset with how Bungie handles its new Raid Exotic, the condition-finishing shotgun. excited. The game’s first double-barreled shotgun is feature-packed, but not quite game-breaking yet.

In fact, Destiny 2’s conditional finisher is the Super Shotgun from the Doom series. However, it’s unique in that it fires one bullet at a time, alternating between stasis and solar elemental effects. To make things interesting, hitting most of the projectiles for a given round applies an additional effect of : Freeze for Status rounds and Explosion for Solar rounds, making the weapon very effective at short range.

The Destiny 2 community began discussing the delicate balance of conditional endings after Reddit user Lankygit pointed out many of the weapon’s properties. According to Lankygit, Conditional Finality is easily one of the best games Raid Exotics Bungie has put out because it’s effective and unique without overstepping its boundaries. This was further corroborated by interesting user Conditional-Finality, who added that while the weapon can only deal serious damage at short range, it can apply its unique elemental effects from a distance.

Another thing that makes Conditional Finisher a good pick is that its combo elemental effects are easy on the game’s champion-level enemies. Since some of Destiny 2’s anti-champion mods are now broken, this greatly buffs the shotgun’s flexibility, making it surprisingly useful in both casual and endgame-level content, something that exotic weapons don’t usually have. situation.

According to Destiny community members, one of the most important features of Conditional Finality is that it doesn’t put players without it at an immediate disadvantage, as was the case with Vex Mythoclast for a while. This is in stark contrast to Destiny 2’s Trial of the Osiris SMG, which will almost certainly be nerfed sooner or later.

While the upcoming Destiny 2 mid-season rebalance patch will certainly support some Exotics that have been overlooked so far, it’s unlikely that any of them will encroach on the niche and utility of conditional endings. Naturally, the fact remains that this unique shotgun is the exception to the rule, and Bungie is generally not that successful in trying to balance the game’s hundreds of weapons in a given metadata.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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