Destiny 2's Cloud Striders Are Missing a Crucial Detail Shown In Trailers

With the unveiling of Neptune and its inhabitants, Destiny 2’s latest expansion made the game’s world a little bigger, though some fans were quick to point out that many of these new concepts failed to live up to the content beacons promised in the trailer. While Destiny 2’s plans for this year’s expansion may have changed during development, it’s safe to say that the end result didn’t turn out as many veteran players had hoped for.

Like each of the game’s annual expansion packs, Destiny 2: Lightfall lets players explore new parts of the solar system for the first time. The cyberpunk-themed futuristic utopia Neomuna has been revealed on Neptune, home to a previously undiscovered human colony that has managed to escape most of the conflict since its collapse. The protectors of the city and its inhabitants are known as the Cloud Striders, and while they don’t appear to use either light or darkness, thanks to their Golden Age weapons and impressive cybernetic enhancements, they can still Hold your own.

While the Cloud Strider character, whom they interact with throughout the expansion’s campaign, does have a unique but controversial charisma, some fans noticed that they were missing seemingly important details from the expansion’s reveal trailer. This was pointed out by a Reddit player named Endless_Xalanyn6 who posted a thread calling attention to a shot in the trailer showing Cloud Strider Nimbus building a weapon out of the nanobots they use, and fired at one of the pyramid ships. This led many to speculate that the civilization on Neptune might have weapons that were different from what had been seen before, but such a feature was not seen in the final version of the DLC.

In fact, Cloud Striders was poorly received by most of the game’s audience. While these superhuman fighters did get some attention in cutscenes, most of which showed them running through cities and battling enemies on hoverboards, Nimbus’s perhaps overly enthusiastic and often teenage personality allowed for some particularly outspoken Destiny 2 Fans find them annoying.

While Destiny 2 as a whole is no stranger to showing off trailers boasting content that never made it to the game, Lightfall has led to some substantial issues as its promotional materials and narrative build-up suggest it will offer more content than it actually does. disappointment. Perhaps the most questionable missing piece is the hand cannon shown in the expansion poster. While the mysterious weapon garnered a lot of attention after it was revealed that it wasn’t in the expansion, Bungie has since announced that the gun will be coming to Destiny 2 via a quest later this year.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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