Destiny 2 Update Stealth Removes Popular Neomuna Farming Method

After a recent update to Destiny 2, players discovered that a popular farming method associated with the Terminal Overload event had been quietly removed. It’s been a busy week for Destiny 2 so far, as the weekly reset not only refreshed the game’s quests and rewards, but fans now have access to the Season of Defiance finale quests. In addition to the reset, Destiny 2 also received a major mid-season update, which also brought major changes to gear.

As Destiny 2 players were already experimenting with, the major mid-season update brought a plethora of tweaks and adjustments to weapons. In fact, many primary weapons have received a huge boost in damage to enemies with red and orange health bars, with auto rifles getting a huge 25% boost. It has already led players to think that certain weapons, like Lightfall’s bizarre Quicksilver Storm, might be more powerful. Unfortunately, this update also seems to have had a negative impact on the game, especially for players trying to get Lightfall gear quickly.

After the arrival of Destiny 2 Lightfall, a more popular method of farming is the Terminal Overload event. Players discovered that after defeating the final boss, they could hop on a sparrow, run to a new area, then turn around and go back, allowing the reward chest to respawn with new equipment. Fast enough players can loot the chest 3 times before the mission resets. Unfortunately, players are now finding that the trick has been removed from the game, a change not reported in the patch notes for the update.

The discovery was noticed by Destiny 2 subReddit user TheGreatWaffles, who even posted a video showing that the trick no longer works. This news was supported by countless players in the comments, all lamenting that this useful trick that not only upgrades crafted weapons and earns important resources is no longer available. Many fans seem ready to return to Thrall Tunnels with Shuro Chi, though there are still some who are frustrated with Bungie’s focus on quickly patching player-friendly tricks while bigger issues remain unresolved.

u/APartyInMyPants comment in the discussion Terminal Overload Farm Patched. Comment from u/SnorlaxBlocksTheWay in DestinyTheGame Discussion Terminal Overload Farms got patched. Comment by u/Dreamerr434 in DestinyTheGame from discussion Terminal Overload Farm Patched. The change in DestinyTheGame is also a blow to Destiny 2 players who are still trying to rank with Nimbus. Cloud strider vendors on Neomuna offer daily and weekly bounties to players, though looting terminal overload chests multiple times in a single run is a popular way to earn renown quickly and easily. As it stands, players need to find collectibles, continue quests, and complete public events in order to break through new levels.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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