Destiny 2 Update Makes Change to Weapon Swapping

The developers of Destiny 2 have a new update to the game, making some changes to the weapon swap and bringing multiple fixes. This new Destiny 2 update includes a number of fixes for some activities, and it also adds some balance changes to improve the overall experience.

Destiny 2 was released in 2017, and since then, Bungie has managed to gather and maintain a healthy player base who still love the game and the downloadable content it’s released since launch. Destiny 2 offers players a plethora of campaigns, PvE and PvP encounters, in-game events, and rare items, following in the steps of its predecessor while improving and adding depth to the game. Recently, Destiny 2 players have put forward a request to the developers, asking players to get some long-awaited things from the game. Many players were unhappy with the current state of Gambit, Playlist Strikes, and Ritual Armor, and gamers shared their thoughts on the matter in the game’s subreddit.

On June 1, the developers of Destiny 2 released the update along with its patch notes, detailing all the fixes and changes implemented in the update. One of the most impressive changes in the update’s patch notes has to do with weapon swaps. This is an issue Bungie addressed in previous Destiny 2 updates. After this update, Destiny 2 players will have to wait a second before they can fire when switching weapons, which is reduced from the two-second window they had to deal with before this update.

In some cases, Destiny 2 players have encountered annoying bugs during gameplay, luckily, the developers of Destiny 2 have implemented several new bug fixes to the game. Specifically, some of these involved events such as The Crucible, Salvage, and even Guardian Ranks.

On the Destiny 2 subreddit, many fans are still reacting to the changes. For most gamers, the patch notes seem to be lacking in changes and additions to the game. Major updates to Destiny 2 usually bring back a large portion of the game’s player base. However, it will be interesting to see if the minor changes and additions applied in this latest patch are enough to convince some gamers and bring them back to the game.

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes



Fixed an issue where all Crest pickup sounds could be heard by all players in gamemode Supremacy.salvage

Fixed an issue that caused players to lose connection to the event during a boss encounter.Guardian Level

Fixed champion titles not counting towards progress related to Guardian level objectives. Fixed Rank 7 objective Centrifuse not progressing when using weapons in PvP.Play and invest


Exotic armor focused on Rahool now has similar stats to the dropped Exotic armor. Fixed the Exotic Warlock Helmet Monument mask not describing correctly.arms

Reduced the two second window for not being able to fire after switching from the inventory screen to a weapon to about 1 second. Reduced the size and intensity of the Perpetualis Automatic Rifle’s muzzle flash. Fixed Dark Decider not firing audio. Trials Glaive Unexpected Resurgence: Moved the Impulse Amplifier from the right property bar to the left. Added Swashbuckler and Voltshot to the right feature bar.


Fixed an issue where Hunters could lose their Hanging Slam after being revived.bounties and quests

Fixed some players being unable to do the Into the Depths chase due to H.E.L.M. The portal does not appear. Destiny 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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