Destiny 2 is Buffing Strand Warlocks in Season 22

In its latest weekly presentation, Bungie answered community questions about the future of Destiny 2 and revealed that Nest Weavers are getting some buffs in Season 22. As a live service title, Destiny 2 is constantly changing and evolving, thanks in large part to its seasonal structure. Not only does each season add new content and storylines, but Bungie often takes the opportunity to release major updates that affect many core aspects of the experience.

In fact, Season of the Deep, which is only a few weeks away, received a major update when it launched in late May. Destiny 2 Season 21 not only rebalanced Exotics, weapons, and subclasses, but also added new features like a way to focus Exotic imprints, added 3 Strand Aspects, and didn’t actually change anything about the seasonal power cap content. Even with the plethora of tweaks, changes, and additions, Bungie continued to work on future issues and decided to address several community issues.

The newly renamed Destiny Weekly Blog takes in some frequently asked questions from the community, addressing a variety of topics including upcoming weapon buffs, ability tweaks, and more. There’s an issue specifically for Beach Warlocks, which addresses the fact that Brooders were originally positioned as minion masters. However, many players have recently felt that Threadling’s minions have felt underwhelming on higher difficulties and end game content.

destiny  2 season  21 strand  aspects Thankfully, Bungie seems to agree with this assessment and has outlined how it plans to address these issues in Season 22. Taking a two-stage approach, Bungie intends to “substantially increase” the damage done by Threadlings to PvE targets, while also reducing the duration and uptime of pause sources. Not only that, but the latest Destiny 2 Strand aspect, The Wanderer, is being tweaked to address community feedback on its effectiveness, but the studio hasn’t provided any details about what’s changing.

Weapons were another big focus of the Q&A, with kinetic weapons and Glaives seemingly positioned for major changes. Regarding the latter, Bungie specifically mentions these changes to make Glaives more satisfying to use, especially in PvP. The class-specific Exotic Glaives introduced in the The Witch Queen expansion have also received significant updates, specifically to how players activate Exotic abilities.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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