Destiny 2: How to Get Virtual Fighter Title

Titles in Destiny 2 are a way to show off your achievements in the game, especially if you unlock them by completing more difficult quests. While seasonal and holiday titles are easy to come by, titles that are part of expanded content are more difficult to come by. Usually, players need to complete some of the more difficult non-match content to get expansion packs.

While not as difficult and time-consuming as Cursebreaker or Harbinger from City of Dreams and the Moon respectively, players can earn a Lightfall title called Virtual Fighter. Here’s how Destiny 2 players can get the title Virtual Fighter for Neomuna content.

How to Get a Virtual Fighter

destiny-2-how-to-get-virtual-fighter2 To earn the title of Virtual Fighter, Destiny 2 players will need to complete various victories related to Neomuna content. A total of nine victories must be completed to unlock Virtual Fighter. The Virtual Warrior title can be unlocked after completing the following victories/badges.

Neomuni Memento – Collect all items on the Neomuna Badge Unfinished Business – Complete Nimbus’ Unfinished Business quest at the Striders’ Gate in Neomuna. Repair and Remember – Repair all damaged monuments in Neomuna’s Hall of Heroes. Overclocking – partition in 7 minutes. Master of Survival – Complete any campaign mission on Master difficulty. Honor Cloud Strider – Earn all rank rewards from Nimbus Terminal Treasures – At the end of the Terminal Overload event, open the Terminal Overload chest. Terminal Overload Key Chests grant additional progress. The Final Strand – Complete the “Final Strand” quest at Pouka Pond in Neomuna’s Hall of Heroes They Are Not Dolls – Collect all of Neomuna’s unique action figures and place them where they belong in the Striders’ Gate. In order to claim the Virtual Fighter title, players will need to acquire all three Exotics available upon completion of the campaign. Players will also need to complete the Lightfall Legendary campaign to earn the badge as part of the Neomuna badge.

Some things that take longer to complete are the Honor Cloud Strider Triumph, as the Nimbus takes a while to reach level 30. Virtual Fighter also requires extensive farming of Terminal Overload chests to complete the Triumph.

Of all these victories, there are two that are recommended to be done with the team, Survival Master and Overclocking Victory. Overclocking requires players to complete a partition event within 7 minutes. It’s much easier to do it with a group than solo. As survival master needs to complete master campaign missions. Master difficulty doesn’t have matchmaking, so taking a team simplifies it a lot.

Destiny 2 is out now on the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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