Destiny 2: How To Get Rufus's Fury Auto Rifle & What The God Roll Is

The Nightmare Roots raid in Destiny 2 features some powerful weapons for Guardians to collect. One of these includes the Strand Auto Rifle, Rufus’s Fury, the second legendary automatic rifle with Strand elements.

That said, some players will need instructions on how to properly acquire a gun. This guide will help Destiny 2 players find and earn Rufus’s Fury Auto Rifle to determine its God Roll.

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How to Get Rufus’ Rage Auto Rifle

Destiny-2-Root-of-Nightmares-Nezarec-Cheese-Gamerant Players must venture into the Nightmare Fountain Raid and complete the encounter to earn the Rufus’ Fury Auto Rifle. Specifically, they’ll need to defeat the team’s first boss, Zo’ Aurc, the Interpreter of Planets, or the final boss, Nezarec, the final god of pain, in the third and fourth encounters.

It’s worth noting, however, that defeating each boss doesn’t guarantee a gun, as other weapons and armor are also rewarded. That said, once the weapon is acquired, the player can spend their conquest loot currency in the final loot box to get the roll they want. It might be a few moves for Guardians to finally get this gun, but it will be worth it, as Rufus’ Wrath is slowly becoming one of the best weapons in the game thanks to its impressive skill pool.

What is the Rufus Wrath God List?

Destiny  2-Rufus  Fury-Root  of  Nightmares  Raid-Perk  Screen As mentioned, Rufus’ Fury has a great perk pool that can be used for both PvE and PvP events. For PvP, rebuilding and targeting will be the way to go.

Rebuilds magazines that automatically reload and overflow weapons after being stored for a period of time. Target lock, on the other hand, increases damage the longer the gun stays on target.

Essentially, Reconstruction overflows its magazine if the player puts the weapon away at the start of the match. When it’s time to engage someone, players can unload the 100-plus-round magazine onto an unsuspecting target. Target Lock will increase damage output if there are multiples in the area, allowing the user to sweep everything behind them. There is no doubt that this gun will be a force to be reckoned with in endgame PvP events.

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For PvE, Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie are always a strong combo, especially on Strand subclasses. The Demolitionist generates a slug of grenade power with each kill, and the Adrenaline Junkie increases the damage of the gun by 20% after a guaranteed grenade kill. For the Threadlings-focused Strand Warlock build, thanks to the 20% buff from Adrenaline Junkie, the weapon will constantly generate grenade power while taking out enemies with ease.

Players can complete the third encounter, Cosmic Equilibrium, on Master difficulty to obtain the Adept version of Rufus’ Fury.

Overall, Rufus’ Fury Auto Rifle is one of the best raid weapons in the game and a must-have reward for Nightmare Roots raids.

Destiny 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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