Destiny 2: How To Get Acasia's Dejection Trace Rifle & What The God Roll is

Destiny 2’s Nightmare Roots raid introduces several new weapons for Guardians to loot. One of these includes the brand new Solar Trace rifle, Acasia’s Frustration, a powerful gun for Solar 3.0. However, some players need clarification on how to obtain this weapon. This guide will help Destiny 2 players find and earn Acasia’s Dejection Trace Rifle and identify the God Roll.

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How to get the Acacia’s Frustration Trail Rifle

destiny  2 lightfall  raidboss  room As mentioned earlier, Acasia’s Dejection Trace Rifle can be obtained from the Nightmare Roots raid. However, it can only drop from certain encounters in the event. Specifically, weapons can drop from the second, third, and final encounters of the raid. However, the chances of getting it on the first try are slim, as other weapons and armor can be obtained from each encounter, so it may take a few tries to finally get it.

Those who raid frequently will also have access to a deep-sight version of the weapon, which is required to craft this gun. Players will need a total of five Deepsight versions of the weapon to craft one for themselves. Sights are identified by a red border around the weapon icon when the player is in their inventory. Extracting the Essence of Deep Sight will give them weapon patterns showing how close they are to crafting guns.

After getting all the patterns and gaining the ability to craft weapons for yourself, it’s time to discuss which guns players should be searching for.

What is Acacia Depressed God Scroll?

Destiny  2-Acasia's  Dejection  Perk  Selection  Screen As mentioned above, Acasia’s Depression is a powerful weapon for Solar 3.0 builds, especially for PvE activities. Players can use this gun in PvP, but it will not have the same impact as in PvE. With that in mind, what PvE God Roll players should be looking for are Reconstruction and Incandescent.

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After a period of time, the rebuild automatically reloads the weapon from the reserve and doubles the magazine capacity. After defeating the target, the incandescent light will scorch nearby enemies. This fantastic combination allows the user to hold the trigger and scorch everything in their path. After defeating Scorched enemies, they trigger the Solar ability, making them even more powerful. There is no doubt that Acasica’s frustration is a must-have weapon for Solar builds.

Those looking to use this gun in PvP will want Rebuild and Targeting as their main perks. Rebuild is easily the best perk in the left column, as it automatically reloads the gun for you when holstered, and target lock increases the weapon’s damage for as long as the trigger is held. There are definitely better options for trailing rifles in PvP, but these perks will get the job done.

Players who want the depressing Adept version of Acasia will need to complete the Crossfire challenge on Master difficulty for the Nightmare Roots Assault.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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