Destiny 2: How to Complete the Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge

The third encounter challenge for Destiny 2 Nightmare Roots Raid has been released. The Guardians are different than usual, and they will face off with Zo’ Aurc, the planetary interpreter. However, some players will need instructions on how to properly complete this challenge. This guide will help Destiny 2 players understand and complete the Cosmic Balance Challenge in the Nightmare Origins raid.

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How to Complete the Cosmic Balance Challenge

Destiny  2-Macrocosm- Root  of  Nightmares  Raid  Third  Encounter  For the short and sweet answer, to complete the Cosmic Equilibrium challenge, the player must swap all dark planets to the left side of the room and all light worlds to the right. Thankfully, this challenge is easier to tackle than its predecessor, Crossfire. That said, players need to understand the key differences.

Normally, to start a DPS phase against Zo’ Aurc, the player must line up all the light worlds on the left side of the room and all the dark worlds on the right. This time around, players must do the opposite to complete the challenge. However, if they mix and match different sides of the world, and there are two dark and one light on a given side, the challenge will fail and Zo’Aurc will cause the team to wipe out, forcing everyone to start over. Simply put, a challenge is to do the opposite of the usual strategy. Related: Destiny 2: How To Get Acasia’s Dejection Trace Rifle What The God Roll is

After all planets are aligned to their respective sides, the DPS phase against Zo’ Aurc will begin, allowing the team to damage and defeat the boss. More likely, the player will need to repeat this process two or three times before finally killing the boss. If a player fails to complete a challenge correctly, a message will appear in the feed stating “Challenge Failed”, indicating that they need to start over.

Master Difficulty Variations

Destiny  2-Macrocosm-Root  of  Nightmares  Raid For Guardians wishing to complete the Raid Master difficulty challenge to progress towards the Dream Warrior stamp, there is one significant change to be aware of while attempting. In normal mode, players must defeat the normal Yellow Bar Colussus to gain the “Planet Insight” buff, which they need to know where to place planets on each side.

However, on Master difficulty, the Colossi have been replaced with Anti-Bulwark Colossi, for a total of four. Guardians must defeat them to receive the buff multiple times during the fight. As such, they should bring the appropriate weapons to deal with them, such as the exotic linear fusion rifle, the Arbalest, which hits their shields in one hit when on display.

Defeating the Zo’ Aurc on Master difficulty will reward the Guardian Adept version of Rufus’ Fury Auto Rifle.

Destiny 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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