Destiny 2: How To Complete Illuminated Torment Challenge

Exclusive challenges for the Nightmare Origins Raid are finally live in Destiny 2. Every week, there will be a challenge for each encounter, starting with the Cataclysm challenge Illuminated Torment. However, some players need clarification on how to effectively complete this challenge. This guide will help Destiny 2 players understand and complete the Illuminated Torment Challenge in the Nightmare Origins raid.

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Glowing Torment Challenge

Destiny  2- Root  of  Nightmares  Cataclysm  Fight To complete the Illuminated Torment challenge, players can only defeat Tormentors while they have the Light Field buff. Fortunately, there are a few ways to effectively accomplish this challenge.

plant seeds

First, the player should decide that one runs and sows as normally encountered, while the others are controlled by the enemy. To make sure the team doesn’t lose out on the wipe mechanic, enemy controlling players should be aware of the two psions spawning in separate areas, defeating both will trigger the tormentor to appear.

Killing the Tormentor adds 30 seconds to the countdown, giving the Runner enough time to seed to complete the encounter. Typically, enemy control players will all team up and defeat the Tormentor together. However, to complete the Illuminated Torment challenge, players can only defeat Tormentor while possessing the Light Field buff. So what’s the best way to get the buff?

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complete the challenge

Players can use two methods to efficiently complete the challenge. The first is to have all enemy-controlled players knock the Tormentor down until it has only a small amount of health remaining. Afterwards, runners who always have the Lightfield buff will quickly land the final blow as they circle the area. This saves the trouble of having the enemy control the player for buffs to ensure the Tormentor is defeated. However, this creates extra work for the runner and is not a good choice if they are inexperienced.

So the second option is to have all enemy control players join up with the Runner when they gain the Light Field buff, allowing everyone to deliver the final blow to the Tormentor. It’s a bit tedious to get everyone together to get the buff, but this method guarantees that anyone can take on the tormentor without worrying about failing the challenge.

Master Difficulty Variations

Destiny  2-Root  of  Nightmares  Cataclysm  Arena For players attempting to complete the challenge on Master difficulty, one major difference from Normal difficulty is the presence of unstoppable champions. As such, the enemy controlling player must deal with the Tormentor, the Anti-Barrier Champion, and now the Unstoppable Champion. Needless to say, the encounter was very messy. However, given how powerful Guardians are these days, completing the Illuminated Torment challenge with the right build should be a breeze for most players.

Completing the challenge will reward the Guardian-exclusive Adept version of Mykel’s Reverence Sidearm.

Destiny 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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