Destiny 2 Fans Want Major Changes to In-Game Economy

Some Destiny 2 players want major changes to the in-game economy, which involves the rare materials needed to craft weapons and armor. These rare materials can be obtained from numerous sources in Destiny 2, including strikes, nightfall, and bounty completions.

In February, the Lightfall expansion pack introduced a new campaign, Strand subclass, and several new pieces of equipment to Destiny 2. Lightfall also received quality of life improvements and balance tweaks, but the gear enhancement system remained relatively unchanged. New armor and weapons acquired in Lightfall can still be improved by using Augmentation Cores, Augmentation Prisms, and Ascension Shards. These materials can be easily obtained by completing playlist activities, but players feel that as Destiny 2 enters Season of the Abyss, some changes must be made to the in-game economy.

Destiny 2 player ThatGuyFromTheM0vie keeps running out of Enhancement Cores despite completing several end-game events each week, citing issues with the game’s current economy. While Enhancement Cores are a common material, ThatGuyFromTheM0vie requires a lot of materials for weapon upgrades and upgrade module purchases. Destiny 2 players also ran out of Enhancement Cores, and they felt that Bungie had to make various quality-of-life changes to the game economy to ease the burden of leveling up. Community-suggested changes include increasing the number of Enhancement Cores rewarded per event, reducing the number of Enhancement Cores required for weapon upgrades, and the ability to allow players to trade rare materials for large numbers of Enhancement Cores.

Currently, Destiny 2 players can earn Enhancement Cores by leveling up vendor levels, completing bounties and events, and using the Finest Matterweave consumable. These methods have been available for most of Destiny 2’s lifespan so far, but players have found the system to be complex due to the need for multiple ways to amass useful enhancement cores. Many Destiny 2 community members feel that the current in-game economy doesn’t help New Light players either.

Destiny 2’s in-game economy is a constant topic of discussion in the community, with many suggesting potential solutions to boost core shortages. While opinions are divided, some users agree that Bungie should change the in-game economy to improve quality of life in Destiny 2. Enhancement core changes and upgrades will likely ease the frustration of the playerbase for the foreseeable future.

Bungie takes user feedback on Destiny 2 very seriously, so if players continue to voice their opinions, the in-game economy may change in the future. However, it remains to be seen what happens to the in-game economy in Seasons of the Deep’s major update.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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