Destiny 2 Fans Criticize Bungie's Failure to Disclose All Patch Notes

Bungie didn’t seem to reveal some important Destiny 2 changes that were dropped as part of the game’s in-season content updates. Since these changes included some Guardian skill nerfs, this drew a lot of criticism from the player base, and many fans felt that this was no accident.

While most players were initially looking forward to Destiny 2’s mid-season rebalance due to the many weapon buffs and other various meta improvements, these seem to come at a price. It’s worth noting that Bungie tweeted out a post-release patch notes addendum that includes nearly every non-trivial change that wasn’t included in the full release documentation.

With Destiny 2 going through a rough patch, many felt that both the Lightfall DLC and the ongoing Season of Rebellion were underwhelming from a narrative standpoint, and players are excited to see the game’s progression as more weapons come out. How metadata may vary is feasible in most available content. However, the excitement seems to have all but stalled as Bungie failed to reveal all the relevant changes in the original patch notes.

In addition to being disappointed with Destiny 2’s Final Resistance quest, players are now also disappointed that Bungie didn’t mention reducing Guardians’ ability to generate energy orbs through the interaction of Firepower and Heavy Handed mods, e.g. Strand Grapple ability with Grenade Kickstart Mod interactions mean that it is now harder to wire grapples together. This particular interaction is further weakened by the fact that you no longer get super power bonuses when using the Ashes to Assets mod.

These unmentioned changes were further exacerbated by the fact that the mid-season update also quietly removed the notable Destiny 2 Neomuna farming method, making it harder to earn XP, weapons, and other materials on Neptune. Predictably, the community was unhappy with the situation, with most players offering fairly sharp criticism of Bungie’s handling of the matter.

The silver lining is that the surprisingly powerful Destiny 2 Void Hunter build is still currently available, with major components not yet disabled and/or nerfed. Still, the community remains skeptical about the fact that some of the most questionable changes introduced in the mid-season update weren’t included in the official patch notes, but instead surfaced later via predictably overlooked Twitter announcements.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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