Destiny 2 Drifter Voice Actor Discovered in Starfield


Todd Haberkorn, best known for playing the Drifter in Destiny 2, is also the voice actor in Bethesda’s latest RPG, Starfield. Fans of Destiny 2 and Starfield were surprised to learn that Todd Haberkorn’s instantly recognizable voice also appears in Starfield’s Fast Hoang character. Voice actors play a vital role in enhancing the gaming experience, and fans can easily recognize them through their iconic performances. DAYSCROLL’S GAMEPLAYER VIDEO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT Starfield players have spotted Todd Haberkorn, best known for playing the Drifter in Destiny 2, also appearing in Bethesda’s latest role-playing game and famous. As many can attest, voice actors are a key cog in a game’s presentation, and some even enhance the experience. With iconic performances, fans can easily identify actors by their voices, such as Laura Bailey, Nolan North, Yuri Lowenthal, and Countless other actors. For a massive RPG-style game like the recently released Starfield, Bethesda has a lot of roles to fill and a variety of talent from across the gaming spectrum.

The game “Destiny 2” has many wonderful performances from well-known actors such as Nathan Fillion, Lennie James, and Gina Torres. The mysterious figure known as “The Drifter” remains a fan-favorite character, even though the mode he presides over isn’t as popular as it once was. Although Castaway remains a mystery to fans, Todd Haberkorn’s performance has definitely left a lasting impression on players, especially since the character has branched out from Gambit to be involved in some seasonal storylines. Thanks to Todd’s instantly recognizable voice, Starfield players suddenly recognized his character.

In a recent post on the Destiny 2 subreddit, a user named R_Da_Bard posted a short conversation with a character named Fast Hoang in Starfield. However, what is surprising is that Fast’s voice sounds exactly like Drifter, and even his mannerisms and speaking style are exactly the same. As it turns out, that’s no coincidence, as Drifter voice actor Todd Haberkorn does appear in the credits of Fast Hoang , adding another character to his already extensive career in animation, film, and television.

The post has already garnered a lot of attention from fans, with many surprised to hear Drifter’s voice appear in Hoang’s body. Some people left incredulous comments saying the voice didn’t sound like it was in the right body, either because they were imagining the castaway or felt the character didn’t look as gray as he sounded. Others have said that someone needs to make a Drifter mod to match the visuals with the sounds, though there’s no shortage of Drifter-style jokes, taking some of the Drifter’s iconic lines from Destiny 2 and making them fit into the world of Starfield .

As far as iconic voice actors go, the Destiny 2 community lost one of its most prolific voice actors earlier this year when Lance Reddick passed away. While Reddick is known for countless roles on TV and in movies, it was his role as Vanguard commander Zavala that truly resonated with Destiny fans. While Riddick’s final lines were delivered in Season 21, Bungie announced that it has recast the character to complete his story, bringing in Keith David, who played the role in Halo 2 Arbiter Thel’Vadam, who once worked for the company.

Starfield is now available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.