Destiny 2 Dev Faces Backlash Due to Negative Diablo 4 Comments

Destiny 2 developers have faced backlash over criticism of Diablo 4. While Destiny and Diablo are two completely different games with unique game mechanics, both have some comparable elements, especially when it comes to multiplayer and leveling up. The game has been out for over a week, but fans have been quick to form feedback on Diablo 4, comparing it to their favorite games.

Even before Diablo 4 was released, Destiny 2 fans had come up with some features that would translate well to the isometric action RPG title. By the way, some mechanics would benefit Diablo 4. In the same sense, however, some gameplay nuances translate well to both games, and fans are hoping the developers will learn from each other. While most players are actively commenting, one Bungie employee seems to be throwing a fit over the newly announced Diablo 4.

A member of the Destiny 2 development team tweeted that Diablo 4’s enemy scaling is a lazy feature, leading gamers to defend Blizzard’s latest release. While the above tweet has since been deleted, fans were quick to defend Blizzard. Players are happy with the feature, mentioning how convenient it is to zoom. The feature itself was a mainstay for other games, but many users doubted that Diablo 4 would be singled out for its success. Even Blizzard president Mike Ibarra even responded sarcastically, suggesting the team isn’t worried.

destiny-2-dev-tweet diablo-4-dev-tweet Destiny 2 can learn more from Diablo 4 than vice versa. Some fans feel that Destiny 2 should replicate the shapeshifting feature available in Diablo 4 and other games. Some quality of life mechanics that D4 has can help loot shooters maintain their player base, as Blizzard defenders have mentioned that they spend far more time on Sanctuary than Destiny 2’s recent season reset.

There are also plenty of things that make Diablo 4 better that are part of some Destiny 2 players’ wish lists, such as the presence of world bosses. Whatever Bungie employees thought about the tweet, it could have backfired, as there are a lot of things Blizzard’s beloved action RPG does better than Destiny 2. Diablo 4 is enjoying great success, but it’s still in its infancy with more room to grow. Only time will tell where these companies’ rivalry ultimately goes, but for now, fans seem to be on Blizzard’s side.

Diablo 4 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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