Dead Island 2 Fans Have to Wait Months for Pre-Order Bonus Items

Certain Dead Island 2 pre-order bonus character packs won’t be released until later this summer. Like most big-budget games these days, Dead Island 2 promises consumers special bonuses if they pre-order the game. Those who pre-ordered Dead Island 2’s more expensive Gold, Deluxe, or Hell-A editions are specifically promised to download special items “shortly after launch.”

Players who pre-order the Dead Island 2 Gold, Deluxe, or Hell-A Editions can expect to receive special character pack bonuses for playable characters Amy and Jacob. Character Pack 1, aka Silver Star Jacob, gives Jacob the gorgeous Rodeo Sunset skin and The Devil’s Horseshoes weapon. Character Pack 2, aka Cyber Killer Amy, with the Neurunner skin and Casmir Julienne sword weapon. Unfortunately, those who took the leap and pre-ordered the more expensive version of Dead Island 2 will have to wait months for these items.

While these items won’t technically be available on launch day, they’re expected to be available “shortly after launch.” The official Twitter account has since stated that the team’s “goal” is to deliver character packs this summer, meaning fans may have to wait months for the items. It’s safe to say that die-hard fans who pre-ordered the more expensive version of Dead Island 2 will likely have played the entire game by then, making these cosmetic pre-order bonus items effectively worthless for many. At the time of writing, no reason was given for the extended wait, but the social media reaction clearly shows that fans are upset by the development.

That’s rather unfortunate for die-hard Dead Island 2 fans who pre-ordered the Gold, Deluxe, or Hell-A editions of the game, but the good news is that the launch appears to be going relatively smoothly. Dead Island 2 does have some serious technical issues, but for the most part they’re easily circumvented. Reviews for Dead Island 2 have been mostly positive so far, and it seems like a lot of fans love the game as well.

In the long run, time will tell how fans react to Dead Island 2, especially if any other controversies arise. In the meantime, those who own any of the pricier versions of the games can still enjoy other perks of those titles, including weapon packs and exclusive skill cards. The Gold Edition of Dead Island 2 also includes expansion packs, so hopefully that’s enough DLC to keep players coming back so they can properly use their character packs.

Dead Island 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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