Dead by Daylight Update 6.7.1 Releases, Fixing Crashes and Lots of Bugs

Update 6.7.1 for Dead by Daylight has arrived and it fixes a lot of bugs that will help players get the experience they deserve. Not long ago, the developers of Dead by Daylight released the 6.7.0 update, and like it, this patch is not short on solutions, as it fixes dozens of bugs regarding characters, robots, animations, and more.

Dead by Daylight launched in 2016, and since then fans of the asymmetrical game have remained loyal to the game, which lets them play characters from franchises like Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street. movie scene. Dead by Daylight puts gamers in the shoes of a host of movie characters as they escape from a horrific killer while performing missions throughout the game in an attempt to escape their demise while another player takes on exciting ability to hunt them down. Dead by Daylight is considered by many players to be a good cooperative game. The game’s thrilling gameplay, chaotic atmosphere, and fan-favorite killers set it apart from the rest of the genre.

The Dead by Daylight Twitter account shared the new update 6.7.1 patch notes, detailing all the bug fixes implemented by the new patch. According to the patch notes, the game’s developers pulled out all the stops to fix the number of bugs delivered by the update. The developers of Dead by Daylight fixed issues with the game’s characters, environments, special effects, level design, and more. However, unlike previous Dead by Daylight updates, this patch only brings bug fixes to the game, so players shouldn’t expect any additions or new content at this time.

Of the many bug fixes for Dead by Daylight, a few stand out. The game’s developers fixed an optimization issue that caused low framerate animations in some cases, which is crucial in a game where survivors are sometimes saved by a slight movement advantage over the killer. The developer also fixed several Dead by Daylight crashes that occurred when players passed level 50 in Bloodweb, ended their trial, used Bloodweb, and even launched the game on PS4.

Numerous crash fixes and level design optimizations allow players to have a smoother experience playing as the game’s survivors or killers. Players will have an even better experience with this patch implemented, so players shouldn’t be surprised if some Dead by Daylight killers start to dominate new matches after all these bug fixes.

Dead by Daylight Update 6.7.1 Patch Notes

Bug fixes


When the bots are all infested by the Mastermind’s Ouroboros and try to spray each other with first aid spray, they will no longer engage in tickling battles. Bots are more likely to lock lockers when playing against The Dredge. When playing on the Rancid Abattoir map, bots no longer infinitely jump through windows when looking for the Unhook. figure

The Oni no longer has VFX issues during Intro Camera, Mori, and Score Screen. Ghost faces no longer have VFX issues when switching between cosmetics. Smoke VFX no longer appears when switching between certain locked cosmetics. When The Skull Merchant destroys the Pallet, the animation plays as expected. Fixed an issue where, as an Elf, jumping from a height and falling to the ground would cause her to jerk through the air instead of falling continuously. Hitting a Survivor with a Knight’s Guardia Compania now correctly resets the Play with Your Food token. While invisible, the torch beam is no longer blocked by the ghost’s body. Cenobites may no longer teleport away from survivors when teleportation is triggered immediately after survivors begin to resolve Lament configurations. Fixed an issue that caused some decoration VFX to disappear while playing a match. Fixed the kick animation for breaking pallets and generators being offset when the Huntress is equipped with the “Night Owl” customization suit. Fixed an issue that caused the Huntress’ arm to get stuck in the Killer’s view when throwing an ax while falling. Fixed an issue where when a Survivor started healing another Survivor immediately after unhooking, the way they were positioned would clip between them. Fixed an issue that caused sprites to briefly flash blue with their hands when they unleashed a kill at the last second while charging, causing them to duplicate instantaneously. Fixed an issue where the crouch and release animations for pigs would not be shortened when equipped with the Combat Straps add-on. cartoon

Disables animation optimizations that in some cases cause choppy or low framerate animations. environment

Fixed a collision issue with the stairs of the Pale Rose ship in the Pale Rose map in Blackwater Swamp. Fixed an issue on all maps around the Killer Shack where collisions would prevent navigating around the outside of the Shack. Fixed an issue on the MacMillan Estate Groaning Storehouse map where killers could block access to the basement stairs. Fixed an issue on the MacMillan Estate Suffocation Pit map where the Killer could physically block access to the basement stairs. file

The “Save or Sacrifice” challenge no longer grants unexpected bonus progress points when hooking a survivor during an endgame crash. Issues related to core memory challenges. Memory Fragments are no longer too close to player spawns, nor too close to each other. Memory Portals no longer remain displayed after another player interacts with them. Demogorgon can no longer collect memory fragments when traveling through the Upside Down. Survivors can no longer interact with the Memory Portal while Victor is incapacitated while fighting the Twin Cities. Fixed multiple visibility issues with Survivor interactions and interactions with Memory Fragments and Memory Portals when Viktor is not bound to nearby players while fighting the Twin Cities. Killers can no longer interact with memory portals while carrying Survivors. Fixed an issue where the audio feedback for gathering memory clips would only play once instead of every clip. Knights can no longer collect memory fragments when creating patrol paths for guards. Fixed inconsistent page change audio in archives. Fixed Killer’s camera moving unexpectedly when interacting with memory portals.


The Shape’s Mori no longer lacks the sound of survivors fighting back when Judith’s Tombstone add-on is equipped. Survivors’ grunts no longer persist after being healed within the Skeleton Merchant’s drone detection area. Fixed an issue where auto-filling bloodwebs would play the same item purchase sound multiple times during the event. Fixed the Skull Merchant’s Cleaver weapon missing SFX. Fixed the Skeleton Merchant’s Body Cleaver weapon not having attack sounds. Fixed an issue where clicking the Perk Preview UI button had no sound. Fixed using The Dredge’s Memory Of Maurice set not adding horse sound effects. level design

The Nurse can no longer teleport out of bounds in the Raccoon City Police Department map. Fixed multiple collision issues in the Red Forest realm. Fixed an issue in Ironworks of Misery where some Killers could put their powers where Survivors can’t reach Zombies no longer get stuck on the railing of Father Campbell’s Chapel. Fixed Killers not being able to pick up Survivors in the Groaning Storehouse. Fixed an issue where the Black Mist in Shattered Square was not positioned correctly on the map Zombies should no longer get stuck in the Temple of Purgatory. Zombies should no longer get stuck on the Dead Dawg Saloon. Fixed a global issue where pallet fragments would clip into the ground. Improved Badham Preschool’s lack of Hooks negatively impacting Killers. Fixed clip assets in Purification Temple. Removed impassable areas in Badham Preschool. Fixed increasing fog around gas stations in Gas Heaven. Fixed an issue at Mount Ormond Resort that prevented Nightmare from placing dream traps around the building The Skeleton Merchant can no longer block the doorway with the Drone from Father Campbell’s Church. Demogorgon can no longer jump on top of metal piles in Gas Heaven. Zombies can now navigate between cars in Haddonfireld. Fixed Midwich Elementary Victor standing out of reach on metal shelves. Characters are no longer blocked from carts in Broken Square. The Killer can no longer fall on the hook at Midwich Primary School. Fixed Badham Preschool Killers not being able to catch Survivors using generators. Fixed an issue in Dead Dawg Saloon that was causing hitman navigation to collide near the bar. Zombies now navigate better in Infernal Temples. Fixed the Killer being physically blocked near the hook in the Treatment Theater Nightmare’s Dream Snares can no longer be placed on the walls of the Choking Pit Mine. Mist now appears on the Raccoon City Police Department map as expected. Fixed an issue that caused trees not to dissolve when an entity sacrificed a survivor in a different map. Fixed gas station black fog not displaying correctly Fixed Crotus Prenn map where killers could stand on rocky hills Fixed Faux-Appels affecting players near the Shattered exit door Fixed an issue preventing players from properly navigating the basement stairs, Shattered Square fixed an issue where Trapper’s traps would appear near fences, Shattered Square fixed an issue where players would be trapped in the basement on the west wing of the Raccoon City Police Department map Blocking places Fixed an issue that prevented the Nurse from blinking properly in the Shrimp Boat Fixed an issue with Miles House windows that were blocked and caused a dead end Fixed an issue where the Killer could jump onto a pile of logs in the mine map UI

Players can no longer accept and reject the Privacy Policy at the same time. Fixed a crash after passing level 50 in Bloodweb. Fixed an issue where players were unable to hide other players’ names after revealing their names when the hide other players’ names setting was on. The bloodpoint cost on the tooltip is now displayed in red when low on bloodpoints. Fixed an issue where the red outline of the center button persisted after auto-purchasing Bloodweb ranks on Switch. Fixed soft lock on Bloodweb purchases when switching characters. Terror radius visual feedback

Terror Radius visual feedback will now display when audio levels reach a certain audible threshold, to avoid showing the indicator when the audio is barely discernible. miscellaneous

The Insidious Perk icon no longer lights up if you become undetectable from other sources. Now it will only light up to indicate when the Perk itself is active. Fixed a crash that could occur during initialization on PS4. Fixed a rare crash when using Bloodweb. Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of the trial period. On Nintendo Switch, the screen no longer flashes white during initialization. Bloodweb again buys nodes according to the priority written in its description : nodes closest to the center, lowest rarity first. Fixed error 8007 for player in Windows Store. known issues

Dredge’s “Masquerade Colours” skin is glitching in the Tally Screen Perk “Any Means Necessary” is currently disabled due to a bug that allows players to reach unexpected locations. Dead by Daylight is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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