Dead by Daylight: All Meet Your Maker Codes

It’s an ambitious time for developer Behavior Interactive. After seven years of sustained support for its kill-themed multiplayer game Dead By Daylight, it’s starting a new project, The post-apocalyptic Meet Your Maker.

However, that doesn’t mean the studio is giving up on Dead by Daylight. While they’re both asymmetrical multiplayer games, the two games fit very different niches. Dead by Daylight is a third-person game of cat and mouse, while Meet Your Maker is a first-person base builder.

To celebrate the release of its latest title and reaffirm its continued commitment to its predecessors, Behavior Interactive has released a series of free limited-time crossover cosmetics for Dead by Daylight. Players only need to know the codes.

Meet Your Maker Code from Dead by Daylight

Dead  By  Daylight  Meet  Your  Maker  Cosmetic  Items(1) There are four different codes. Each award a Build and Protect shirt to a different set of Dead By Daylight survivors :

HONORARYCUSTODIAN – This will unlock shirts for Ace, Adam, David, Feng and Kate. HRVFANCLUB – This will unlock shirts for Felix, Jane, Jeff, Yui and Zarina. METMYMAKER – This code will unlock shirts for Claudette, Dwight, Jake, Meg and Nea. NOTATRAP – This will unlock shirts for Elodie, Haddie, Johan, Mikaela and Yun-Jin.How to redeem code

Players can redeem codes through the in-game store menu. In the upper right corner there is a button that says “Redeem Code”. These items should appear automatically after entering the code.

Other Meet Your Maker merchandise

These codes do not constitute the entire campaign. A few other items are also available, but unlike the shirts listed above, they are not free.

Players won’t find them directly on the storefront, though. Instead, Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker are automatically unlocked when the player owns them on the same platform. They should keep this in mind if they take advantage of Meet Your Maker’s PS Plus deal. The items are as follows :

Survivor Meg Thomas gets Pentecost suit. The Huntress gets a toothed ax weapon. The catcher gets the Shardblade weapon. Ghosts get biomechanical spine weapons. One final thing to note is that this event works both ways. If players own both titles, they will unlock a collection of Dead by Daylight themed blocks, power-ups and decals in Meet Your Maker.

Dead By Daylight is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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