Critically-Acclaimed Xbox Game Pass Game is Getting DLC


Following the successful launch of the game on Xbox Game Pass, the developers of Star Ocean are working on a DLC expansion pack for the game. The DLC, titled Watchmaker’s Pain, is already in development and will focus on the mysterious watchmaker. This expansion will give you a deeper understanding of the connection between Star Ocean and The Courier. Gamer’s Daily Scroll Video Continues The developers of critically acclaimed indie role-playing game Star Ocean have confirmed that they are working on a major DLC for the game following its widely successful launch on Xbox Game Pass expansion pack. Originally hinted at in Sea of Stars’ Kickstarter campaign, the DLC has been in development since the base game launched last week.

Star Ocean takes place in the same universe as developer Sabotage’s previous game, The Courier, released in 2018. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Star Ocean was released in late August 2023 to widespread acclaim from critics and fans. Becomes one of the highest-rated Xbox Game Pass games of the year. While the base game is already packed with rich story content for players to enjoy, the final goal of the Kickstarter campaign promises more : a “full-fledged side adventure” that will be developed after the game launches and released as free DLC to backers.

Sabotage has since confirmed that the DLC, titled Watchmaker’s Pain, is already in development, with half of the studio’s team working on the project while the other half begins work on an entirely new game. As of now, there’s little information on where this new DLC’s story will go, but the title suggests it will feature the Clockmaker, a mysterious entity that players can get to know through the Wheel mini-game in Star Ocean.

Sea  of  Stars  - Wheels The stretch goals originally promised for DLC offer further clues as to what it might be. The goal description states that the DLC will “further expand the world of Star Ocean,” as well as the overarching narrative that ties all the Sabotage games together. This means players may get a deeper understanding of the connection between Star Ocean and The Courier, even though the two games appear to be thousands of years apart. In addition to its narrative content, Clockmaker’s Pain promises more of the engaging turn-based combat introduced in Star Ocean.

As of this writing, Watchmaker’s Pain has yet to announce a release date, although the Kickstarter goal describing the DLC states that it will require “several months of development,” meaning fans will have to wait a while to see Star Ocean. 》 ‘Expansion. Fortunately, the base game Star Ocean experience offers hours of content for players to explore, so fans will have enough to tide them over while they wait for the DLC update.

Star Ocean is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.