Creepy New Horror Game Has Classic Resident Evil Vibes

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is an upcoming horror game that looks like a VR version of the classic Resident Evil game. Propagation: Paradise Hotel is developed by WanadevStudio, which has built a solid reputation as one of the best VR game developers in the industry.

WanadevStudio is best known for its game Ragnarock, a VR music/rhythm game where players drum to the beat of a variety of songs, all featuring a Norse Viking theme. WanadevStudio also produced the original Propagation, a survival horror game currently available to VR gamers for free. The original Propagation was short and focused mostly on combat, while Propagation: Paradise Hotel appears to be a more fully-featured experience.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is scheduled to launch on May 4th, when it will be available via Steam and Meta Quest. A PlayStation VR2 version of Propagation: Paradise Hotel is also in development, but no specific release date has been announced at the time of writing. In Propagation: Paradise Hotel, players take on the role of Emily Diaz, who is exploring the titular hotel in search of her missing twin sister, Ashley. According to the gameplay trailer, horror fans can expect a different gameplay than the old-school Resident Evil games, with Emily even pulling at one point a map that may have been ripped directly from Capcom’s survival horror series. Much like the Resident Evil games, players will find themselves facing off against a variety of terrifying creatures.

Paradise Hotel is full of zombies and other creatures. Emily will have to work together with security guard Owen to fight the monster. They have a variety of weapons to defend themselves, but players must be careful how they use their resources, which is typical of the survival horror genre. Needless to say, fans of any classic Resident Evil games or the original Propagation will definitely want to put Propagation: Paradise Hotel on their radar, and luckily, its release date is right around the corner.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is the latest horror game to arrive in an already stellar year for the genre. In terms of traditional games, the remake of “Dead Space” and the remake of “Resident Evil 4” will be released in 2023, and there are also some works worthy of attention in VR horror games. One of the bigger titles is The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, a PlayStation VR2-exclusive rail shooter from the creators of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures horror anthology series. Needless to say, horror fans have plenty of games to play this year, and there’s more to come.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is coming to PC and Meta Quest on May 4th. A PlayStation VR2 version is also in development.

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