Creative Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Makes Massive Candy Land Board Game Tribute

A creative Disney Dream player looks to the classic board game Candy Land when customizing his game world. The re-imagining of the title has fans on the radar and fuels demand for Disney’s long-awaited film in the Valley of the Lights.

Gamer’s Day Roll Video Continues Content The appeal of Disney’s Fantasy Valley of Lights lies primarily in the ability for players to meet and play with iconic characters from a series of cartoons and 3D animations that the studio and its subsidiaries have created over the years. As a life simulation game similar to games such as “Animal Crossing : New Horizons”, players can also customize their own characters and Dream Valley, which has previously led players to recreate a large number of iconic characters, costumes and areas.

Now, Reddit user MooLawnMushu has shared a path to reimagining the board game Candy Land. The candy-decorated outlines on the ground are filled with colored blocks that designate the player’s position, and these blocks appear to have been built with custom rugs using the Magic Touch system. Finally, a candy house is located at the end of the path, replacing the traditional candy castle in the board game. MooLawnMushu said the work is still a work in progress, but its creation has already been well received by the community. Comments on the post were filled with nostalgic fans due to the game’s similarities to the original Candy Land.

Many players claim they’ve considered building something similar, or are somehow inspired by Candy Land in their world. However, some pointed out that Disney Dreams was missing one feature they were still craving — multiplayer. Unlike Animal Crossing : New Horizons, players can’t visit friends in-game, so while the board game looks fun, it’s not actually possible to play with other players. However, multiplayer is coming to Disney’s Lights Valley sometime this year, so players will just have to be patient for now.

The game seems to have a bright future, as it’s already had a lot of content updates, though there are still a few Disney characters who haven’t made it to Disney Dreams yet. The game is slated for a full release later this year, but players have already demonstrated their prodigious creativity with the tools and assets currently available. It will be interesting to see how the creations of the player base are inspired and driven as the game expands further.

Disney Dreaming Valley is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.