Civilization 6: How to Build Farm Triangles

In Civilization VI, players will want to keep their citizens happy and fed, as they are one of the most important parts of the game. How the city’s inhabitants feel will determine how much players can extract from the city’s benefits, and greatly affect how quickly they can achieve victory.

One way to run your farm efficiently and increase food production in your cities in Civ 6 is to learn how to build Farm Triangles and Farm Diamonds. This guide will show players the steps they need to take in order to complete this quest and get the most out of their farm.

farm mechanic

researching  feudalism  in  civilization Building triangle farms is a well-known strategy in Civ 6 that helps maximize food production in the player’s city. Initially, when players first start building farm improvements, they will only add +1 food and +0.5 housing to the plot, but this changes as they progress through the civic and tech trees.

Once the player unlocks the Feudalism civic, if the farm is adjacent to two other farms, they will get an extra +1 food. This will only be further improved when players research replaceable part technology that upgrades farms to mechanized farming, and in addition to the previous rewards, they will also earn +1 food for each adjacent farm.

Farm Triangle Farm Diamond

food  increase  strategy Farm Triangle and Farm Diamond Maximize the use of farm improvement mechanics. A farm triangle consists of a farm being built, and then two other farms placed next to it, which are also next to each other. The farm diamond takes it up a notch by adding an extra farm on top of two adjacent farm tiles in the middle.

Once feudalism is discovered, each farm in the triangle will get an extra +1 food, and with the replaceable parts technology, farms will get an extra +2 food. If the player chooses to buy the Farm Diamond, the citizens of Fedaulism will get the same bonus, but the farm in the middle will get +3 food with replaceable parts technology. This is the key difference between farm triangle and farm diamond.

Every citizen in a Civ 6 city needs 2 food. So, in order to have food surplus, each farm worker should work at least one +3 food farm, but the higher the number the better. This is a great way to design cities efficiently, ensuring that there is enough food produced to keep people happy and to keep growing.

Civilization VI is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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