Chained Echoes: Ekskalibur Guide (How to Find & Defeat)

Ekskalibur is an undead unique monster from Echoes of Chains that carries the legendary Excalibur in its carapace. However, the most unusual thing about this monster is that it is invisible, making it one of the more interesting bosses in the game.

Players must follow a quick but slightly odd ritual to summon Ekskalibur and fight it for a chance to win a copy of Excalibur. If that sounds confusing, players can use this helpful guide to quickly complete side quests.

How to find Ekskalibur in Chained Echoes

image  showing  where  to  find  ekskalibur  unique  boss  in  chained  echoes. To find Ekskalibur in Chained Echoes, players need to go to the central area of Fiorwoods, where there is a gap in the map. Once there, they should run three times around the woods to summon Ekskalibur. It doesn’t matter whether they run clockwise or counterclockwise. At the end of the third round, Ekskalibur came out north of the trees.

Ekskalibur’s hideout is located north of the camp, with a Gazer roaming near the trees. For those who don’t know, a gazer is a blue, one-eyed monster that chases down intruders. Players don’t have to fight the Gazer before summoning the unique monster, but it’s best to put it down as soon as possible, as it will interrupt the ritual.

How to beat Ekskalibur in Chained Echoes

As an undead, Ekskalibur is weak against water systems. To defeat it, the player should focus on the Water Coat buff and use Silph’s fan to increase its water vulnerability. When Ekskalibur activates physical resistance, utilize Lenne’s Water Thrust or combine her Fire Thrust with Glenn’s Oil Slash.

When its physical resistance is turned on, Ekskalibur becomes invulnerable to physical attacks, both close and long range. With this in mind, players shouldn’t waste resources on these actions. Instead, they should put pressure on Ekskalibur with magic and water based attacks such as Lenne’s Water Jump.

Despite its unique monster status, Ekskalibur is a simple optional boss. Magic-based attacks are the best counter to its defenses, and a few armor breaks are enough to weaken its resistance to most elements. If the Ekskalibur Boss fight does seem too challenging, the player should learn how to spend SP, level up and try again with an upgraded weapon.

What is the reward for finding and killing Ekskalibur?

Guaranteed rewards are skill points and experience points, but Ekskalibur may also drop a rare item called the Excalibur Replica. Sadly, there are no Grimoire Shards to collect after the boss fight, but killing this unique monster counts toward Chain Reward progress, returning lucrative loot in the long run.

Chained Echoes is available now for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

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