Capcom Makes 5 Games Available to Play for Free on PC and Mobile

Capcom has made some classic games playable in the browser. The video game company created Capcom Town, which can be accessed in any internet browser and is filled with all of Capcom’s content, including five of its classic games.

Capcom’s predecessor, called I.R.M. Corporation, was established in 1979. When its founder left after 4 years, the company changed its name to Capcom, short for “Capsule Computers”. That’s what the company calls its arcade machines. In the late ’80s, Capcom began licensing its arcade games for PC distribution, and began expanding into the home console video game market through ports. One of its biggest successes was Street Fighter 2, which was originally released in arcades in 1991 and went on to sell more than 6.3 million copies on the SNES. Released in 1996, the first Resident Evil was designed exclusively for the PlayStation. It brought zombies back to pop culture and helped establish the survival horror genre.

To celebrate its rich history, Capcom has created Capcom Town, a website dedicated to its 40th anniversary. Here, players can find all the franchises of the company represented by various buildings, as well as merchandise information, news and everything Capcom. On top of that, the arcade section also offers five classic games, with a red arcade in the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking Arcade, players can choose to play Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man X, Street Fighter 2, or Final Fight. These games and websites are also accessible on mobile, making them widely available to anyone interested in going back in time and enjoying these classics.

All games are available in Japanese and English, which also shows the trend of changing Japanese game titles for the Western market. So players seeing Rocketman as a title for the first time should not be confused; they’ve come to the right place to play Mega Man.

Gamers can see a lot when they visit Capcom Town, including a museum displaying concept art, gameplay footage, and various other elements from Capcom’s major franchises. But players can also vote on new exhibits at the downtown museum, or on game-related trivia for special rewards.

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