Breath of the Wild: [Xenoblade Chronicles 2] Guide (Salvager Set)

Once Link leaves the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild, he will unlock an exclusive side quest called : [Xenoblade Chronicles 2]. Unfortunately for some fans, that doesn’t mean Rex and the other XC2 characters will be in BotW. Side quests were only added as a collaboration between BotW and XC2. Upon completion you will receive Rex’s default outfit, the Link the Salvager Set.

Players need version 1.3.3 of Breath of the Wild to see the quest. This will be automatically downloaded when BotW is started. Link then needs to visit three different areas at night. Although unlocked after “Tutorial Mode,” once players have explored most of northern Hyrule, it will be easier for them to complete this side quest.

Salvager’s Headgear (Bridge of Hylia)

loz  botw  lake  tower The first riddle is : The southern sky in the middle of the largest bridge.

Although not very specific, the bridge the line is referring to is the Hyleia Bridge. Players can reach here by flying north from Lake Tower. Stand in the middle of the bridge, but be careful : There are all kinds of enemies standing guard. It is recommended to wear one of Kilton’s Monster Masks or Majora’s Masks (DLC only) to prevent them from attacking.

Standing in the bridge, looking up at the southern sky. If it is past 9pm in-game, the player will hear and see a red meteor. Note where it lands, and hurry over there. There will be a red chest containing the Rescuer headgear.

Salvager Vest (Skeleton Lake)

loz  botw  salvager  set  skull  lake The second riddle is the eastern sky of the left eye of the : skull.

This refers to Skeleton Lake. If the player has not already done so, head to the Akara Ancient Tech Lab. This is northeast of Hyrule, on the other side of the Eldin region. Looking at the map, there will be a skull-shaped lake in the northwest of the Akara Ancient Technology Laboratory. There is a Zuna Kai shrine on the “left eye” of the skull.

From the ancestral hall, look up at the eastern sky and wait for the red star. It lands far away and Link needs to do some climbing, so equip a climbing suit and make sure Link has enough stamina. Open the chest to get the Rescuer Vest.

If the player has not already done so, enter Skeleton Lake to meet Kilton. Talk to him to unlock the Fang and Bone shop. Kilton will only appear at night, so visit him after you get the Rescuer vest.

Salvager’s Pants (Hebra Peak)

loz  botw  salvager  set  hebra  mountains The third riddle is : The southeast sky seen from the top of the tall snow mountain.

The Snowy Mountains could be in the Grudeau Heights or Mount Hebra, but this riddle refers specifically to Mount Hebra. There is a shrine (Goma Asagh) at the foot of the mountain, which Link can fast-track to if he has activated it. Melt the ice with a fire weapon or rocket, then go around the mountain (to the left) until Link is able to climb it. If the Goma Asagh Shrine is not on the player’s map, head west from the Snowy Stables to Mount Hebra.

Be sure to wear hardy gear, such as a Snowquill suit. Alternatively, Link can wear level 1 Cold Resist Armor and equip a Fire Weapon to fend off the cold.

At the very top of Hebra Peak is a rock that hides Korok. Pick it up to get the Korok Seed, then look to the southeastern sky for the Red Star. From there, the paraglider descends to where it landed for the Salvager trousers.

More about the Salvager Set

loz  botw  salvager  set As armor, the Salvager Set may not be very noticeable to some players. Each piece of equipment has a base defense of 5, but wearing them increases Link’s swim speed. Wear all three for the set bonus, which improves swim sprint stamina. This means Link can use the X button to sprint through water at the cost of less stamina. Salvager Sets essentially have the same Set Bonus as Zora Sets.

Since this armor is exclusive to DLC, it cannot be upgraded or dyed. Therefore, it can be easily replaced by an upgraded Zora Set. If a player accidentally sells their Rescuer set, as long as they complete the [Xenoblade Chronicles 2] side quest, they will be able to buy a new set from a man in Tarrytown. This also applies to other DLC-exclusive armors, such as Midna’s Helmet or Korok’s Mask.

The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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