Breath of the Wild: Where to Farm Swift Violet

Link can equip a variety of armor in Breath of the Wild. One set that players will want to upgrade as soon as possible is the climbing set. Equipping any piece of climbing armor will make it easier for Link to. well, climb. Players wishing to upgrade this set to its full potential will need to collect some Swiftviolets.

Like warm and cool safflinas, swift violets only grow in specific habitats. It is also recommended that Breath of the Wild players have weather-resistant armor before starting farming. Due to their rarity, swift violets are not recommended for quick Rs. It is recommended that players stockpile them until they have completed their armor upgrades.

Where to Find Swift Violets

loz  botw  swift  violet  farming Players can find swift violets in the Hebra Mountains and Grudor Highlands. Like Rushrooms, Swift Violets can grow on walls, so Link will need multiple Stamina Wheels if the player intends to plant more than one at a time. Swift Violets are rarer than Mushroom Houses depending on the direction the player is looking from. Link may have better luck searching the Hebra region than he has searching the Grudo Heights.

When exploring one of these areas, make sure you have level 2 cold resistance (Hebra and Grudo Heights) and heat resistance gear (near Grudo Tower). Weather resistance can be superimposed by wearing two pieces of level 1 resistance equipment (ex: Snow Feather Headgear + Snow Feather Coat).

Link needs to climb close enough to the Swift Violet for the action button to say “Accept”. Equip a climbing suit while climbing the walls of Gerudo Highland. If the player is in the Hebra region, make sure to have level 2 cold resistance armor or equip a flame weapon such as Flamesspear.

Finally, players can find swift violets in Ludfo’s swamp. This is south of the Sandra Plateau. If the player has not discovered the Toh Yahsa Shrine (Thundra Plateau), the player can glide west from the Ridgeland Tower to the swamp.

Where to Buy Swift Violets

loz  botw  swift  violet  zora's  domain If players travel to Zora’s realm, they can buy three Swift Violets, one for 40 rupees each. These will restock if Link spends time away from the store. For example, go to Rito Village and spend an in-game day cycle there. Return to Zora’s realm so the quick violets can replenish. Since Zora’s Domain only replenishes three Swift Violets, players will have to acquire the rest from their respective locations.

Swift Violets are required to upgrade to level 4 of the Climbing Set. Players will also need 15 Swiftviolets to upgrade Sandshoes and Snowshoes. Armor upgrades can be made at any of the Great Fairy Fountains. However, if Link wants tier 4 armor, he’ll need to “unleash” all four of Hyrule’s Great Fairy Fountains.

The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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