Breath of the Wild: Where to Farm Lizalfos Tails

Lizalfos has been part of The Legend of Zelda since the time of Ocarina of Time. In Breath of the Wild, players can defeat Lizalfos to grow Lizalfos Tails. The type of Lizalfos will determine the type of tail it may drop. Additionally, there are some armor sets that require different types of Lizard Tails to upgrade.

Breath of the Wild has seven types: Lizalfos: Standard (ie : Green, Black, Blue or Silver), Ice-Breath, Electric and Fire-Breath. Most Lizard Phosphorus will drop the regular Lizard Phosphorus Tail. Ice-Breath, Fire-Breath, and Electric Lizalfos are unique in that they drop different colored tails. Lizalfos may be weaker than Lynels, but they are fast, can swim, and can even attack from a distance. For some players, this turns them off with farm materials.

where to find lizard phosphorus

botw  silver  lizalfos Standard/Green Lizardmen can like almost anywhere, but they seem to prefer areas near water, such as coastlines or sunken ruins. As Link unleashes more beasts, he’ll encounter even more powerful green lizards. These are blue lizards, black lizards and silver lizards.

Silver Lizalfos has the most HP (864). However, they have better weapons and may have a gem or two to loot. Green Lizard Phosphorus have the lowest HP (50), which makes it easier and faster to grow Lizard Phosphorus Tails from them than their stronger counterparts. Despite their name, Blue/Black/Silver Lizards all drop Lizard Tails. For example, Silver Lizards do not drop Silver Lizard Tails. While all Lizardfolk have tails, it is possible that they will not drop Lizardfolk Tails when defeated. Instead, they may drop Lizard Horns or Lizard Claws. There’s no way to increase the drop rate of Lizard Tails, so Link only needs to beat as many as he needs.

The following armor sets require Lizard Tail : in their upgrades

Zora Set Soldier’s Set Where to Find Electric Lizalfos

electric  lizalfos  location  botw  loz Players looking for the Yellow Lizard’s Tail need to hunt down the Electric Lizard. Due to their power-generating abilities, these stunning reptiles can be dangerous in close quarters combat. If Link isn’t careful, he could get sucked into one of the electric domes. This will make him drop any weapon he’s holding (excluding the Master Sword).

Electric lizards mainly live in the Gruddo Wasteland and Faron region south of Hyrule. Look for electric lizards along the trail between Gerudo Town and Kara Kara Bazaar. Electric Lizalfos can be found in the Faron region near the Fountain of Courage.

When fighting an Electrolith, shoot it in the horn with an arrow (from a distance).

The following armor sets require Electric Lizard Tail : in their upgrades

Rubber Suit Where to find Freezing Lizards

loz  botw  ice  breath  lizalfos  location The Frozen Basilisk can only be found in the cold regions of Hyrule. Players will have better luck finding them in the Hebra region or Gruddo Heights. There are even some in the province of Lanairu near Mount Lanailu.

Frozen Basilisks will drop Frozen Lizard Tails. Unlike the Electric Lizard, this lizard can fire ice bombs at Link. If hit, Link will be encased in ice. When facing these frigid beasts, wear armor with an unfreeze bonus, such as Zante’s Helm (DLC only) or the tier 2 Snow Feather set.

Use a firearm (ex: Flamespear or Fire Arrows) to instantly defeat the Freezing Basilisk. This would cause them to literally disintegrate and allow Link to pay off.

Blue lizards are not the same as ice-breathed lizards. Blue lizards do not drop ice lizard tails.

The following armor sets require Icy Lizalfos Tails: in their upgrades

Desert Voe Set Where to Find Firebreathing Lizards

loz  botw  fire  breath  lizalfos  location The last set is Salamander. In contrast to ice-breathing lizards, fire-breathing lizards prefer hot climates. Players can find them in the Eldin region of Hyrule, mostly north of Goron City. Salamanders drop red lizard tails.

Salamanders can breathe flames from their mouths, so they cannot be hit at close range. Link can kill them more easily with ranged ice weapons like Frostbolt or Frost Spear. Luckily, the salamander cannot spew flames for very long, and it will eventually stop to catch its breath. When it does, that’s the perfect time to strike.

The following armor sets require Red Lizard Tail : in their upgrades

Snowquill Set The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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