Breath of the Wild: Where to Farm Energetic Rhino Beetles

Players are best off picking up any materials they stumble across in Breath of the Wild. Link can cook to replenish hearts and gain buffs, but he can also craft elixirs using monster parts and critters. However, catching insects and lizards can be tricky if the player isn’t fast enough.

The Energetic Rhino Beetle is one of four types of Beetle that Link can catch, but they are very rare. In Breath of the Wild, Link can plant them in several areas. Links will fly away if they make too much noise, so players will need to be stealthy and fast if they plan to add them to their inventory.

Energetic Rhinoceros Beetle Position

loz  breath  of  the  wild  akkala  map The energetic Rhinoceros Beetle can be found in the West Necluda area and in the Rok Woods near Skull Lake. Players can even find some on trees next to the Great Fairy Fountain (Mija) near Tarre Town. Despite their bright yellow color, these beetles can be difficult to spot from a distance.

Players should equip the Stealth Suit or drink the Sneaking Elixir before hunting down the Energetic Rhino Beetle. Since the beetle is stuck to the tree, Link must first lean against the tree to catch the beetle. Players will also want to make Link crouch (left stick pressed) for added stealth.

If players choose to hunt for beetles in the Rok Woods, they will want to be careful with Octoroks. These monsters are well-aimed, and the stones they shoot make a loud noise. Your best bet is to get rid of Octoroks before the beetle hunts.

Check the woods on the other side of Tempest Gulch (north of Rok Woods). There’s a blue Hinox nearby, but if players have trouble finding beetles in Rok Woods, they might find one here.

Energetic Rhino Beetle Breeding Tips

loz  botw  hyrule  compendium Again, the best way to catch a feisty rhinoceros beetle is by donning armor that increases invisibility or drinking a sneaky elixir. If the player is still having trouble, then they can use the camera rune to take a photo of the energetic Rhino Beetle. This will add it to the Hyrule Compendium. From there, players can track down the Energetic Rhino Beetle by doing :

Use (-) to open the map. Press the R button twice to go to the Hyrule Compendium. Find the Energetic Rhino Beetle image under Creatures. Press the Y button to aim with the sensor. Players will need to update the Sheikah sensor in Hateno’s Ancient Technology Lab to track down the energetic Rhino Beetle.

The Sheikah sensor will emit green light instead of blue light. Like tracking the shrine, the closer Link gets to the energetic Rhino Beetle, the more it starts beeping. When the player is done farming, they can turn off the sensor by entering the map with (-), pressing the Y key, and selecting “Change Target” or “Shrine”.

Where to Use the Energetic Rhino Beetle

loz  breath  of  the  wild  energetic  rhino  beetle Players need 15 Energetic Rhinoceros Beetles to upgrade the Feral Hat, Feral Vest and Feral Pants. Luckily, the iconic green girdle armor set is only available when Link completes every shrine in BotW. This means players have plenty of time to build their Energetic Rhino Beetle collection.

Another way to use the Energetic Rhino Beetle is to cook them with monster parts. This will create an energy potion that will restore Link’s stamina. The more beetles used in the recipe, the stronger the potion will be.

The final way to use Energetic Rhino Beetles is to trade them to Beedle. If Link has any beetles in his inventory, Beedle will offer to trade it in for a meal or an elixir of life. Since energetic rhinoceros beetles are very rare, this is not recommended. However, if a player wants a free elixir, trade it.

It should be noted that as long as Link has at least one on hand, Peter will keep asking about the Energetic Rhino Beetle. If players find themselves getting annoyed with the Traveling Merchant, they may wish to quickly upgrade the green tunic set.

The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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