Breath of the Wild: The Seven Heroines Shrine Quest (Korsh O'hu Shrine)

The Grudor Wasteland in Breath of the Wild is located southwest of central Hyrule. Unfortunately, for starters, the hot weather can be dangerous for Link. Players will want to buy heat resistant gear before crossing the desert. There are several shrines in the Badlands, but they are all hidden and linked to side quests/shrine quests.

The Seven Heroines is one of the Shrine quests for the Gerudo desert portal closer to Breath of the Wild. Players need to solve a puzzle to uncover the shrine. Although Link can complete this quest at any time, it’s best started late game.

Where is the mission of the Seven Goddesses?

legend  of  zelda  breath  of  the  wild  gerudo  wasteland Seven Goddess Shrine Quest East of Grudeau Town and Caracalla Bazaar. These statues can be found in the East Grudo Ruins. Since Link can’t fast walk/sprint in the sand, it will be easier to bring the sand seal to the East Groddo ruins. There are two sand prints outside the town of Grudeau. Press the left stick to crouch, then slowly approach the seal. Once the Link is close enough, press the A key.

If Link has Grodd suit, he can enter Grodd Town, there is Grodd who trains sand seals near the left entrance. Talk to her and Link can rent one for 20 rupees. Although they are as timid as wild sand seals, the seals of Grudeau Town will not flee if Link is thrown off by his enemies.

When riding Sand Seals, make sure the shields equipped by Link are not ready to be damaged. Players may want to use a normal shield (ex: Bokoblin Shield) when sledding with Sand Seals.

Alternatively, players can fly south from Grudo Tower to their destination. In fact, entering this proving ground from the mountains is more recommended than entering from the desert.

Players need the following items to complete the shrine quest :

Magnesis Rune Heat or cold resistant gear (depending on time of day) Revali’s Gale (recommended) Link No need to talk to anyone to start the Shrine Quest, but if he does, he may get clues about the seven heroines to Ge Some NPCs in Ludo Town.

Seven Heroines Shrine Exploration and Puzzle Solving

loz  botw  seven  heroines  puzzle  solution Each statue has a base with a circular indentation at the bottom. Use Magnesis to discover metal spheres buried in the sand. There are seven spheres with their own unique designs. They need to be placed on a pedestal with a matching heroine.

All but one of the spheres can be found in the sands of the East Grudo Ruins. A sphere with a yellow “o” symbol sits on top of the northeast statue. Players need to climb the statue’s ladder or use Revali’s Gale to reach it. If the player flies in from the Gerudo tower, try to land from above. Use Magnesis to push/throw the sphere onto the ground below.

The logo on the sphere is :

A red comma (,) An orange caret (^) Two purple parallel lines (||) A blue teardrop A green point () A gray colon (:) A yellow circle (o) Use the picture above to see if it is Which ball and which heroine. If the player is still struggling, walk clockwise from the wasteland entrance of the ruins/path to Grudo town and place the following :

Red Comma (,) Orange Caret (^) Yellow Circle (o) Gray Colon (:) Green Points () Blue Teardrop Purple Line (||) The Shrine Quest will be marked Complete. Go inside and retrieve the Flame Spear from the chest. Then, talk to Korsh O’hu to get the Temple’s Soul Orb.

Where is the eight heroines?

loz  botw  eighth  heroine  sidequest  sand  boots There are actually eight heroines in the Grudo Wasteland, but for some reason, the eighth heroine is missing. Her statue is located opposite the East Grudeau ruins. North of Grudor Heights, players will find the Statue in a crack in the northwest of Grudor Peak. If the player has a Camera Rune, take a picture of it from bust to head. There is a man named Bozai outside the town of Gerudo who will give Link the sand boots as a thank you for finding the eighth heroine.

While the player is on the Gerudo Heights, return to the Gerudo Summit and look for the Broken Sword Statue. This is the eighth heroine’s sword. Not sure how it got to where it is, but take a picture anyway. After getting the sand boots, Bozai will send Link back to Grudo Heights to find the heroine’s sword. As a reward, Link will receive snow boots.

Players should note that finding the Eighth Heroine is not required to complete Korsh O’hu’s Temple quest. If they don’t want sandshoes or snowshoes, then they can completely ignore the eighth heroine’s side quest. However, wearing sand boots or snow boots will make it easier for Link to walk/run on sand and snow respectively. Therefore, if the player plans to explore the Hebra area or the Grudo wasteland on foot, it is recommended to find the eighth heroine and complete these two side missions.

The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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