Breath of the Wild: How to Catch Fish

Breath of the Wild has many creatures roaming Hyrule; some may attack the player, while others may be hunted for recipes. The latter are most commonly found in bodies of water, and catching them is not complicated.

While Breath of the Wild explains many of its mechanics, it doesn’t detail them, thus preventing players from taking full advantage of what it has to offer. For example, although simple, many players do not know how to fish. Luckily, this guide will cover everything there is to know about fishing in Breath of the Wild, along with other useful tidbits.

How to Catch Fish in Breath of the Wild

Fish  Variety  in  BOTW To catch fish in Breath of the Wild follow these easy steps :

Players must find waters with fish, such as Hyrule Bass. Dive into the water and swim to schools of fish. Press the X button to sprint if needed. Once near the fish, press the A button to pick it up, just like any other item. Players who want to fish can start from the pond west of the Temple of Time.

Alternatively, players can use tricks involving bombs to catch fish quickly. To raise fish quickly, follow the steps below :

Players should move to waters with fish. Press the L button to hold the bomb. Press the R button to drop the bomb. Once the bomb is in the water, press the L button to detonate it. Jump into the water and collect fish floating on the water.Alternative Tips for Fishing in Breath of the Wild

Link  standing  in  a  heroic  pose  in  Breath  of  the  Wild In addition to the above methods, there are some unconventional fishing methods, as follows :

How to Whistle Fishing in Breath of the Wild

Whistling near a body of water causes fish to swim in the opposite direction. Players can use this to their advantage to force the fish to swim to shore, allowing them to strand themselves.

How to Fish with Trees in Breath of the Wild

To fish with a tree, follow the steps below :

chop down a tree. Use the Stasis rune to move trees into rivers. Use this tree to build a temporary dam. Drop a bomb on the other side of the river and detonate it. The explosion kills the fish, causing them to travel to a makeshift dam where the player can pick them up. Breath of the Wild is available on Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

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