Breath of the Wild: A Freezing Rod Quest Guide

Every monster in Breath of the Wild has its own subspecies. For example, in addition to regular Lizalfos, there are Ice-Breath and Fire-Breath Lizalfos. Silver monsters are formidable enemies and it is not recommended that players fight them until they have more powerful armor and weapons. Wizzrobe enemies are no exception.

There are three types of Wizzrobe in Breath of the Wild : Ice, Fire and Electric Wizzrobe. Defeating them will cause them to drop elemental stick weapons. Link will need the Ice variant to complete sidequest: A Freezing Rod. However, for those willing to do the extra work, this side quest has better rewards.

Unlock the “Frozen Stick” side quest

loz  botw  great  deku  tree Players need to find the Korok Forest to accept this side quest. Hyrule Great Forest is located north of Hyrule Castle. Players need to walk the road to the Lost Forest. Attempting to fly into the Great Hyrule Forest will not work. When entering the Blind Forest, follow the direction of the flames. Eventually, Link needs a flashlight to light the way. Getting off track will bring him back to where he started.

Once the player gets close to the Korok Forest, they will hear the Sheikah sensor detect a nearby shrine. Approach and activate the shrine to unlock a travel point to Korok Forest. Then, approach the Great Deku Tree and sit down for the cutscene. If the player has 13 hearts, they can draw the Master Sword from the pedestal.

Directly ahead at the foot of the Deku Tree is a Korok named Kula. Talk to him to unlock the “Frozen Stick”. Show Kura the Popsicle weapon to complete the side quest. Please keep the following in mind :

Bring Kura a popsicle and he will reward Link with 100 rupees. Bring Kura a Blizzard Rod and Link will get 300 rupees.Popsicle vs. Blizzard Stick

loz  botw  blizzard  rod Like other weapons in the game, the Ice Staff and Blizzard Staff cannot be purchased from any merchant. Nor will they be found abandoned in the wild. Link needs to defeat Ice Wizzrobes or Blizzrobes to get one. These enemies look identical, except that the Blizzard Robe has a blue pattern on the front and the Ice Robe doesn’t.

The Ice Robe will drop the Ice Wand, and the Blizzard Robe will drop the Blizzard Wand. With the Ice/Blizzard Wand equipped, hold and release the R key to cast the Ice Ball. If Link is using the Blizzard Wand, it fires three spheres instead of one. Another difference between the two weapons is the stronger damage output of the Blizzard Rod. Since it deals with ice-based attacks, fire enemies like the Firebreathing Lizard are instantly defeated when hit.

Equip the Ice/Blizzard Rod if Link is exploring popular areas like the Gerudo Wastes. This will act as a level 1 heat resistant climate. They are less useful in the hotter parts of the Erding region.

Where to find Ice Wizzrobe and Blizzrobe

legend  of  zelda  breath  of  the  wild  a  freezing  rod  blizzrobe  location While Wizzrobes acted as mini-bosses in Majora’s Persona, this is not the case in Breath of the Wild. Before going hunting Wizzrobes, players should buy Fire Arrows or at least make sure they have a Fire weapon in their collection. Wizzrobes can fight normally like any other monster, but since there is a way to defeat them in one hit, it is recommended to only use Fire Arrows.

There is an Ice Wizzrobe in the Crenel Hills, east of Hyrule Castle. It’s not too far from the Kelok Forest. If the player doesn’t care about Ruby, it’s better to go here to get the Ice Wand.

For those who don’t mind traveling, they should seek out Blizzrobe. There is one near the Goma Asagh shrine on Mount Hebra (see the skull stamp in the image above). If the player is warping to the Goma Asaagh Temple, use Fire Arrows or Fire Weapons to burn just enough ice for Link to squeeze through. Or, fly over them with Revali’s Gale. Link will not be able to climb the walls surrounding the temple.

From the Goma Asagh Shrine, go right and follow the path up. There will be a Blizzrobe prancing. Take a flaming arrow and melt it down. Make sure to pick up the Blizzard Rod it drops. Going to the Hebra Mountains in vain is not enough.

Return to Kura to officially complete “Frozen Stick”. Likewise, Kura will give 100 rupees (ice stick) or 300 rupees (blizzard stick) depending on the element stick. After turning in the quest, the player can discard the fishing rod if it is not needed.

The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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