Bodycam Horror Game Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Paranormal Tales, a new body-cam horror game, looks absolutely terrifying in its latest gameplay trailer. First announced last year, Paranormal Tales is an off-camera horror game built with Unreal Engine 5. It draws obvious inspiration from Hideo Kojima’s PT, though the body camera angle should help it establish a unique identity in the horror gaming space.

PT, for the uninitiated, is a playable trailer made by Hideo Kojima to promote his Silent Hill game. Unfortunately, Konami ended development on Silent Hill, and Kojima soon left the company to work independently. Kojima’s full vision for PT never came to fruition, but the game has since gone on to inspire countless other horror games that offer more fully-featured gameplay experiences.

Paranormal Tales may have taken some inspiration from PT, but as mentioned, the angle of the body camera helps it stand out. In the game, the player’s task is to find a lost dog in a dark, creepy forest. They soon find themselves being chased by a ghostly figure into an abandoned house, and things seem to get weirder from there. Paranormal Tales is harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5 to create a photorealistic experience that was absolutely creepy at launch.

Horror game fans may be wondering when exactly they’ll be able to play Paranormal Tales themselves, but unfortunately, the game currently has no release date. While Paranormal Tales doesn’t currently have a release date, it’s aiming for release by the end of the year. 2023 is already a strong year for horror games, and if Paranormal Tales can effectively communicate its unique body-worn camera concept, it could end up being one of the hottest new horror games of the year.

The body camera angle seems like it might be a new trend in first-person games, as Paranormal Tales isn’t the only game using it. Bodycam first-person shooter Unrecord is making waves on social media for its ultra-realistic graphics, enhanced with a bodycam angle. Unrecord proved controversial, as its body camera footage looked very real. Paranormal Tales is unlikely to be controversial since it’s not a shooter, but it will certainly be interesting to see if the body camera perspective catches on.

While horror fans wait for Paranormal Tales, they may want to keep themselves busy with other horror games on the market. 2023 already has a Dead Space remake and a Resident Evil 4 remake, and there are more horror games to look forward to in the coming months. Amnesia: The Bunker is due out in May, while alien invasion horror game Greyhill Incident is scheduled for release this June.

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