Black Mirror Creator Makes Season 6 Promise That Horror Fans Will Love

According to creator Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror fans may have even more reason to be scared this season.

Known for its bleak and dystopian views of the present and future, often centered around the dangers and pitfalls of modern technology, Black Mirror is often praised for its warped visions of things to come. Black Mirror season 6, with its horrifying approach, including a bizarre juxtaposition of humanity and technological goth, will lean more towards its horror elements than past seasons.

During a recent QA meeting, Charlie Brooker spoke about his Black Mirror season 6 plans, according to RadioTimes. “I started doing something very different this season — a Red Mirror movie, almost like a crime- and horror-driven sister label, so to speak,” Brooke said. “In doing so, I thought, ‘I’m going to change my mind about the ‘Black Mirror’ episodes.'” This included several episodes set in the past, including “Sea of the Sea” set in an alternate 1969 universe. the other side”.

Black  Mirror  Season  6 However, Brooker says Black Mirror season 6 won’t be all scary, promising that the first of five episodes of the season, “Joan Is Awful,” will be different. Says Brooker: “We also had probably one of the most overt comedies we’ve done all season long, which is Joan Is Awful. But of course, there’s a lot of horror. The episode stars Anne Murphy and Salma Haye. Starring Mike Pinault, the streaming service was parodied in the form of Streamberry, a Netflix send-off, with Murphy’s character Joan discovering she’s the subject of a streaming series.

According to Brooke, the rest of Black Mirror season 6’s episodes, while perhaps less comedic, promise to be filled with new horror elements. “I started off thinking, ‘I’m going to write something under the Red Mirror name for a while,’ and that’s what I came up with,” Brook said. “It’s just the way they fell, it’s just the way they came out that was really unpleasant.”

Black Mirror has had multiple seasons. However, Brooke said that responses to last season suggested that the latest episode was lighter and more bombastic than past seasons, to which the creator responded, “I realize in the back of my mind that some people have said, ‘The last episode “It’s been a bit of a bubble this season, isn’t it? ’ or ‘It’s a little too cheerful’—well, fuck you.

Season 6 of Black Mirror will premiere on Netflix on June 15, 2023.

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