BioShock Infinite's Similarities to Clockwork Revolution Pointed Out By Former Trailer Maker

Clockwork Revolution’s public trailer seems to have a similar tone to Irrational’s BioShock Infinite, a similarity that one former trailer maker found ironic. During the Xbox 2023 Showcase, inXile Entertainment unveiled their latest creation, Clockwork Revolution, a first-person steampunk RPG featuring time-bending abilities and a man who wants to change the course of history in the metropolis of Avalon.

When fans watched Clockwork Revolution’s debut trailer, several noticed that the game seemed similar to Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite, which originally launched in 2013. It features a revolution against elite society in a prominent city with what appears to be sky tracks, mechanized enemies and a lot of propaganda. The similarities are so striking that a person who claims to have worked on BioShock Infinite took to Twitter to compare the two games.

A Twitter user named Butmac said they made three BioShock Infinite trailers, and after watching the public trailer for Clockwork Revolution, there was a flashback immediately. They felt compelled to compare the two games and immediately spotted some interesting similarities, including a Daisy Fitzroy-like character who also wore a scarf. As you can see from the images, both games feature a lot of hype, claiming enemies are everywhere, with mech-style enemies reminiscent of Handy Man or Big Daddies from older BioShock games, and giant statues and sky tracks, rich cities.

The comparison even drew a response from Microsoft, which is releasing A Clockwork Revolution with inXile Entertainment Development Studio. InXile studio head Brian Fargo clarified that A Clockwork Revolution is a true role-playing game with a focus on stats, detail, and “deep reflexes,” which the studio said in previous RPGs like Wasteland 3 are known for these. That said, the protagonists are fully customizable, and players will create them at the start of the game.

Ultimately, Clockwork Revolution may have to keep BioShock fans on their toes, as the upcoming Cloud Chamber title seems farther away than expected. While 2K and Cloud Chamber have remained mum on the status of BioShock 4, reports over the past few months seem to indicate that the game is in development hell. Internal reboots continue to delay the game’s development until 2025, when it may not even be ready.

Clockwork Revolution is currently in development and will launch on PC and Xbox Series X.

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